Are touchscreens a good thing?

Are touchscreens a good thing?

It really depends on the one you are using. Touchscreens have a bad reputation from early attempts with incompetent technology but they are still evolving and slowly getting better. There are a few products that are very responsive and overall quite enjoyable to use. There are good examples of both bad and good touchscreens in the area of our tablets review.

More and more companies develop electronics with touchscreens that  more easily navigate  the interface. So far some people like them and others do not. The fact is that a touchscreen can be great depending on a few very important details. As mentioned, there are touchscreens out there that do indeed make it easier to navigate the confines of your product. On the other hand, there are many more that don t quite have it right yet. So what is the difference?

What makes a good touchscreen?

Beginning from the outside and working in, you want a responsive screen. There are a few out there that you really have to  jab  at to get them to register the action. This is a frustrating limitation that requires you to relearn the way you interact with your screen. In the 21st Century we are used to applying very little pressure in typing and interacting with most devices. This learning curve shouldn t be necessary since there are enough touchscreen products available that are responsive.

The inner workings of the product like the operating system and user interface are a big deal because this is how you interact with the applications via touch. If they aren t designed specifically for touch commands they generally have a slow and inaccurate response. Many laptops with full operating systems like Windows and Mac OS have tried to implement touch capabilities but have not yet succeeded. The best touch products so far are those with hardware and software designed specifically for touch capability such as many Touchscreen cell phones and hopefully more and more tablets.

What's the verdict?

Getting back to the question,  Are touchscreens a good thing?    the answer is yes and no. Yes, when designed with the proper hardware and software and no when otherwise. To know if a product is done right, read hands on reviews and go out and test one for yourself before you buy any product. If the touch doesn t respond the way you want it to; if the interface doesn t make sense to you or doesn t operate in a way that seems natural to you, perhaps there is a touch product out there better suited for you.


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