Most of the mobile credit card readers in our comparison of the best iPhone card readers are designed for small businesses and personal sellers. The PAYware Mobile Enterprise is decidedly different in that it directly targets larger businesses.

While the features and hardware of PAYware Mobile Enterprise may be overkill for small startups, the mobile credit card processing option is one of the only truly comprehensive mobile POS (point of sale) solutions available. PAYware Mobile Enterprise is not something you can purchase off the shelf. It is sold to established retailers with existing point-of-sale systems and existing payment account relationships. Verifone sells the hardware, integration and encryption services to retailers who meet these guidelines.

If you are a small business or personal seller, then you are a candidate for a different PAYware iPhone card reader: the Verifone PAYware Mobile.

More than just plugging a magstripe card reader into your iPhone, the PAYware Mobile Enterprise also includes a PIN pad, contactless NFC reader, smart card reader and barcode scanner. The PAYware Mobile Enterprise card encryption reader lets you accept more forms of payment than any other iPhone card reader. Now you can accept any card type at any time in any place.

Physical Features
The real unique selling point of the PAYware Mobile Enterprise card reader is that it includes much more than a magnetic stripe reader. The all-in-one mobile POS hardware is complete with PIN pad, smart card reader, NFC reader and barcode scanner. Once you connect your iPhone to the credit card reader case, you can use the device to accept all forms of electronic payment.

The magnetic card reader is located on the right side of the device and is perfect for traditional credit card swiping. A smart card reader is located at the top of the case, just below the barcode scanner. On the back of the iPhone case is a physical PIN pad and LCD display. The NFC chip reader is also on the back.

Smart cards and NFC are two advanced credit card payment types. Smart cards (aka  chip and PIN  cards) use a tiny embedded microprocessor under a gold-plated contact pad. NFC, or near field communication, is a wireless technology that is being used in contactless credit cards and cell phones for payment through an NFC chip. With the PAYware Mobile Enterprise multi-card reader, you can accept smart cards and NFC chip payments with ease.

The PAYware Mobile Enterprise iPhone card reader has its own battery, which is charged by a separate charging dock through the charging contacts on the bottom of the device. The case interfaces with the iPhone through the 30-pin connector, and it also has a micro-USB port for pass-through charging of the iPhone and PIN pad. The full-body protective case has a nice heft to it and connects securely to the iPhone.

The only major flaw of the physical design of VeriFone s PAYware Mobile Enterprise card reader is that it only fits with the iPhone 3G and 3GS models. We expect an iPhone 4 model is in the works, but for now the form factor is limiting. We d also like to see a model introduced that works with the iPod Touch.

App Features
The Enterprise model of VeriFone PAYware uses the same PAYware Mobile iPhone app, which is powerful yet practical. With the app you can calculate tax, add a tip, capture a customer s signature, send an email receipt and more. The VeriFone Mobile Framework is flexible however, so you can create your own custom app to suit the individual needs of your unique business. Where PAYware Mobile Enterprise is tailored to larger businesses and retailers, the versatility of the app is a nice option for customization.

The barcode scanner comes in handy for seamless order checkouts but also works well for inventory management. PAYware Mobile Enterprise works in conjunction with your existing inventory management system.

Another unique capability of PAYware Mobile is the ability to use it to capture and manage customer data. With effective CRM (customer relationship management) tools built in, you can use PAYware Mobile Enterprise for digital coupons, loyalty programs, gift cards and more.

VeriFone is an established name in the credit card hardware industry, and the PAYware Mobile Enterprise hardware is (as expected) very secure. The device itself is PCI certified (NFC reader is EMV approved) and can help you maintain security without having to worry about it. The iPhone card reader features VeriShield Total Protect, which provides end-to-end security by encrypting the sensitive cardholder data as soon as it is swiped. Not only is the sensitive information never stored on the iPhone; it never comes in contact with the iPhone because it is encrypted in the PAYware hardware.

The unique physical properties and enterprise-oriented features of the PAYware Mobile Enterprise card reader make it a compelling solution for retailers and larger businesses. The hardware is professional and versatile, and it offers practical benefits you won t find in any other iPhone card reader. With PAYware Mobile Enterprise you can accept credit cards wherever and whenever. You can use it to manage inventory, host sidewalk sales, close deals on the sales floor and even supplement traditional checkout lines for queue busting.

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