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What Does Your eBook Library Say About You?

You’ve heard the saying that your friends are a reflection of you. The reason this rings true is that you choose your friends. Using this logic, it makes sense that what you read is like looking in a

eBook Readers vs. The Old Paperbacks

Paperbacks seem like a thing of the past since the dawn of eBook readers. This makes sense, because eBook readers provide such significant benefits. You may like your paperbacks and have good reason t

Avoid Clutter in Your Home by Using an eBook Reader

Book lovers deeply understand the pleasure of reading a physical book. The weight of the book, the feel of paper and the sensory feelings of it all brings about a nostalgic whimsy. This is the reason

Get Sub-Aquatic With Your Next eBook Reader

eReaders are incredibly popular devices that enable you to enjoy almost any book you want to read without having to visit the library or bookstore. Although some people use regular tablets to access o

What Is the Best eBook Reader for Students?

The thought of lugging books across campus isn't very appealing. No one wants to carry 20 pounds of hardcover books around between classes. Fortunately, for today’s students, there are better options.

What's the Next Advancement in Kindle eReaders?

Whenever Amazon introduces a new Kindle, all the eReader naysayers are temporarily silenced. When comparing Kindles, you can see that Amazon has built devices to cover multiple tastes and price ranges

eReaders vs. Tablets

eBook readers and tablets have many similarities, which makes it difficult for some people to choose between the two. On the one hand, eReaders are great for reading and discovering books, but they ar

Compare Kindles: The Difference Between the Fire and the eBook Reader

Kindle devices offer excellent quality for a fraction of the price that their competitors charge for their devices. However, there are numerous Kindle models to choose from. Should you get a Kindle Fi

10 Free Classic Novels You Need on Your eBook Reader

One of the great promises of the eBook reader is the lower cost to produce books. Since publishers no longer have to pay for paper, the cost of a book will go down for the consumer. Also, as books ent

Kindle eBook Reader Personalities: Which Kindle Are You?

The original Kindle reader isn’t the only one stealing the show anymore. Today, Amazon has a whole line of Kindle readers including some with complete tablet functionality. To help you make the right

eBook Borrowing: Free & Legal Titles for Your eReader

Since their debut several years ago, digital eReaders have delighted avid readers everywhere with convenience and flexibility. If you are such an individual, you may be racking up quite the tab purcha

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2: Head-to-head

So you've heard the buzz about the new Kindle Fire, and you may have taken a look at our Kindle comparison. You're also surrounded by Apple fan boys who just can't seem to tell you enough about the iP

Benefit from Free Online eBook Libraries

If you have an eBook reader and haven't yet ventured into the world of online eBook libraries, you are missing one of the greatest benefits that come with owning an eReader. With the technology, desig

eReader: Kindle Your Mother's Imagination This Mother's Day

Your mother is special: one-of-a-kind, the perfect cook, the best soother of your fears and the woman who has always been there, no matter what. This Mother's Day, give your mom the gift she dese

eReaders for Kids: V.Reader Brings Stories to Life

While in the young stages of life, children want to be like their parents. They want to play with their parent’s toys and do the things they do. To save parents the hassle of hiding their expensive to

eReader Battle: Kindle vs. iPad

Apple’s iPad and Amazon's Kindle 3 are two of the hottest products on the market. They are neck and neck against one another as a top product desired by consumers. The Kindle is solely an eBook Reader

Going Green with eReaders

Twenty-four trees are required to produce a ton of paper for printing books, and twelve are needed for a ton of newsprint. Thirty-five percent of those books printed are destroyed before they are even

The Pros and Cons of eBook Downloads

As technology develops nothing remains untouched and paper is no exception. eBook (or, electronic book) downloads are beginning to change the way information is created, disseminated and viewed. These

Color Ereaders Inspired by Butterflies

Full-color displays for eBook readers could really take off soon — on the wings of butterflies. Qualcomm MEMS Technologies new Mirasol is the first full color, video-capable display on a prototype eB

The eBook Battle: You Win

The eBook reader war is heating up, and bibliophiles looking to make the switch to digital will have some promising eBook readers to choose from in the coming months. And as competition increases, the

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