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Fire HD Kids Edition Review

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PROS / The high pixel density makes images look extra crisp.

CONS / The tablet lacks a Mayday button for instant help and support.

 VERDICT / The new Fire HD 6 may have a tiny display for a tablet, but its image quality rivals any HD screen.

If you're concerned that your child might damage or destroy your tablet, Amazon has you covered with the Fire HD Kids Edition. This durable tablet comes with several built-in apps, and the parental controls protect your child from accessing content you do not want them to see or use. When we compare Kindles, we focus on their overall capabilities, design and usability, and while the Kids Edition doesn't offer nearly as much as the other Fire tablets and some eBook readers, it is a good tablet for kids.

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The Fire HD Kids Edition comes with several built-in apps, and when kids access the Amazon store, they can only choose from kid-friendly apps, books and games. During the first year of ownership, you get free access to Amazon FreeTime, a premium subscription service that offers access to a library of kid-friendly applications and multimedia content.

One of the tablet’s most frustrating features is its limited storage space. With only 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, you're likely to fill up the Fire HD quickly. While cloud storage options help with this problem, there are no expanded storage options, and you cannot supplement storage with an SD card.

Help & Support

This tablet for kids comes with a durable case. There is extra support on the corners, so if your child drops the tablet on a hard surface, you don't have to worry about it cracking. Should something break on the tablet, Amazon supports it with a two-year unlimited warranty.

A notable drawback for the Fire HD Kids Edition is its limiting parental controls. At startup, it goes right to the children's screen, and parents can switch to a regular Fire interface by punching in a password. It takes a little while to get used to switching between the systems, and adjusting the parental controls takes some time to understand. While options like purchase locking and custom app libraries are useful, the lack of thorough web browsing controls is a drawback. Child Mode simply disables browser access, which hampers the Fire's usefulness in comparison to other tablets.


The Fire HD Kids Edition is a good kids tablet with some excellent capabilities and features, but as a Fire tablet, it isn't great. Strengths include its sturdy case and two-year warranty. It has several built-in apps, and you can set limits on what your child can access. It isn't a perfect tablet, and most of the Fire devices offer much better performance. However, the Fire HD Kids Edition is among the best choices for a durable tablet for your kids.

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