Pros / The Firefly glowPhone is an unlocked phone, meaning it can be activated with a SIM card on any GSM service like AT&T or T-Mobile.

Cons / The Firefly glowPhone uses a mini-USB charging plug, which is different than other standard cellphone chargers.

 Verdict / The Firefly glowPhone is a great first phone for your preteen child. It comes with a few games and emergency calling capabilities, but it is feature limited so you can control their calling habits.

The Firefly glowPhone is an emergency cell phone intended for children between the age of 8 and 12. It’s an unlocked kids phone with a limited range of functionality, and excels at its main purpose of making emergency calls to one of two preprogrammed numbers.

Nicknamed the Firefly phone, this emergency phone is intended to help parents stay connected to their young children. Older children today are increasingly tech-savvy and may not need such a simple device, but very young children need an easy-to-use device with a simplified user interface. Accordingly, this emergency cell phone for kids is basic and utilitarian but still attractive. The charging plug, however, is a mini-USB, which is not the micro-USB standard used by other phones.

This emergency mobile phone has a simple five-button interface. The buttons allow your child to begin a call, end a call, call two speed-dial numbers and search the contact library. The speed-dial buttons have pictures of a man and a woman on them, perfect for reaching Mom or Dad at a moment's notice. The phone book allows the child to scroll though as many as 20 different numbers, though editing or adding any new numbers is protected by a PIN number set by the parent.

The Firefly glowPhone is a GSM device that requires a SIM card for activation. Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile will allow parents to add this device to an existing wireless plan, ensuring children always have the minutes they need to make and receive calls. You can also purchase prepaid SIM cards for use with this phone, making you better able to manage how many minutes get used.

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The Firefly glowPhone is an ideal device for use by young kids who are ready to begin carrying a cell phone for limited use. It's also geared toward protective parents wanting to keep a close eye on their children without giving them a full-fledged mobile device. Firefly glowPhones are excellent cell phones for emergencies. The intuitive button layout is easy for young children to figure out, even during an emergency. This handy device will keep you in contact with your child but won't give them access to unnecessary features and diversions they aren't ready to use.

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FM Radio
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USB Data Accessible

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Hearing Aid Compatible
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