Pros / The Snapfon ezTWO has a one-button emergency function that alerts friends, family and passers-by to your distress.

Cons / The phone froze when we attempted to receive text messages.

 Verdict / The ezTWO from Snapfon has a smart design with a lot of great features that will serve anyone well in an emergency.

The Snapfon ezTWO is an emergency cell phone designed specifically to help senior citizens remain independent and able to communicate emergencies with family and responders. Touting a simple interface and basic features needed to make and receive calls, this device is a good companion in both every day and in an emergency.

This emergency phone employs the features needed to quickly contact emergency responders and close personal contacts, so the Snapfon ezTWO can truly be a lifesaver. Across its back is a big red SOS button that can be preprogrammed to call up to five specific emergency response numbers. When the button is pushed, the phone attempts to dial all of the numbers until someone picks up. This ensures that everyone who needs to be made aware of an event is contacted.

The emergency mobile phone retains much of the basic functionality of a standard cell phone, namely the ability to send text messages and make calls. However, we did encounter issues with texting in our testing that included the phone freezing up. The device can store up to 200 SMS text messages, and even allows easy access to the phone's voicemail.

The battery life lasts an average of three to five hours of talk time or more than five days on standby. One unique feature not found among other cell phones for emergencies is the presence of a high-intensity LED flashlight. Use this feature sparingly, however; it's quite a drain on the battery.

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Like all emergency phones designed for senior citizens, the Snapfon ezTWO gains its popularity through a straightforward design and simple interface. The large numbers are easy to see and you can quickly contact emergency assistance or family with the touch of a button. This device will provide the means and peace of mind that you can get assistance when you need it most.

Snapfon ezTWO Visit Site

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