Pros / The T-Mobile myTouch offers 624 talk-time minutes on a single battery charge.

Cons / Video chat capabilities have several glitches.

 Verdict / This smartphone comes with several bells and whistles such as HD recording and tethering capabilities.

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G gives you a variety of advanced features at the touch of your fingers. Video chat capabilities, along with SWYPE, tethering and 4G technology are available on this cellular device. This smartphone offers a 1GHz processor and runs on Android 2.2, so you are never waiting long for your application to download or for a program to open.

When it comes to design, this phone offers several must-have features, but unfortunately it also includes a few that could use some improvement. The touchscreen offers crisp 480 x 800 pixel display. The colors on this display screen are vivid, bright and sharp. The only drawback is the 3.8-inch display screen, whose small size takes away some enjoyment of viewing movies, pictures or just browsing the web on your phone.

With a smaller display screen, the virtual keypad available on this device is tiny. Even though the keys are little, they are also responsive and there is no lag time after you press a key. SWYPE is also available on the myTouch that by dragging your finger from key to key across the keyboard, you can type much faster and easier on this keypad. The device is compact enough however to fit into your pant pocket or handbag much easier than phones with a larger screen.

The T-Mobile myTouch is built with 720p HD video recording capabilities. The video comes out crisp and clear, and by just touching a few controls you can quickly begin recording at a moment’s notice. This smartphone offers a 5MP (megapixel) camera that has full flash capabilities and several editing functions. We were disappointed that this advanced cell phone doesn't have at least an 8MP camera.

Video chat capabilities are available on this cell phone thanks to the front-facing camera. The address book assists with video chats by showing who has a camera phone and who has video chat capabilities. However, the video chat can be a little glitchy and you may encounter several issues that seem to disrupt the conversation.

All of your basic calling features are available on the T-Mobile myTouch. You can have a conference call and talk to several individuals at once. Call waiting is available, and you can also place calls on hold. You can look at your phone’s history to see all the calls you have placed, received or missed, and there's a call timer that tracks the length of phone calls. There is also caller ID.

The talk time available on the T-Mobile myTouch is a standout feature on this device. This smartphone offers up to 624 minutes on a single battery charge. This gives you plenty of time to listen to music, watch videos or browse the internet without your battery quickly draining.

The standby time available on this cell phone is low. Up to 288 hours are available on a single battery charge, which is significantly lower than several similar phones.

This smartphone offers several features and resources to increase your productivity and help you accomplish your work on the go. You can view documents on your device using QuickOffice or using a PDF format. There is also calendar support by Google Calendar, and stocks and news information are available so you can keep up-to-date with current events. There are also several cell phone basics including a calculator and voice recorder.

Coupled with the speedy 4G wireless connectivity, the Android 2.2 operating system will keep your phone running efficiently and quickly. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities are also included on this device. This cell phone can also function as a mobile hotspot, meaning it can connect up to five devices to an internet connection.

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The T-Mobile myTouch is a smartphone with you in mind. This cell phone provides excellent battery life, video chat capabilities and access to T-Mobile’s 4G network. It is an advanced smartphone with plenty to offer but also needs a few minor improvements such as a high megapixel camera and improved video chat features.

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