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CountAbout is personal finance software for Mac and PC. It's browser-based, so you can use it on any computer with an internet connection. If security is a concern, you can opt in for two-factor authe


Banktivity personal finance software for Mac includes strong budgeting tools and gives you multiple options for connecting to your accounts. This program is missing some of the investment-management t


Moneyspire is easy-to-use personal finance software that can help you track your budget, pay your bills and, with its Plus program, keep an eye on your investments. It lacks goal-tracking and budget a


CountAbout is one of just four browser-based programs featured in our personal finance software review. It offers two service tiers: Basic and Premium, and each comes with an annual subscription fee.

The 9 Best Budgeting Tools

If you have trouble sticking to a budget, you're not alone. Adhering to a budget can help you achieve long-term and short-term financial goals. Though it may be difficult at first, it does not have to

The Three Best Coupon Apps

In the digital age, shopping has been made easier due to eCommerce and the sheer abundance of online stores. But now that you can buy items with the click of a button, shopping has gotten more expensi

The 5 Best Personal Finance Books for Young Adults

For millennials starting out in their career and earning their first real paycheck, learning how to manage one's money effectively can feel daunting. With each new deposit, you need to decide how much

Best Personal Finance Apps

In a world where technology grows increasingly smarter, it seems many of us are dumb when it comes to budgeting. We don't keep track of expenses or how much money we have until payday. If you identif


Chase Bank offers its customers a convenient way to pay their bills online. Your billing options of manual or automatic payments can save you time and money. You can also use the Chase Mobile app to a


Mint has a long reputation for its online and app-based budgeting software. Now the company offers a free mobile bill paying app, letting you pay your bills on the go from PC, iOS or Android devices.

Are You Bad at Managing Your Personal Finances?

If you're not the best at managing personal finances, there's no need to worry. You're certainly not alone, and chances are it's not too late to get started on the path to smart personal finance. Here

How to Make a Budget: 10 Tips to Making it Work

Putting together a budget might not be a walk in the park, but without one, you're liable to find yourself short on funds by the time payday comes around. Here's how to make a budget that works for yo

Stop Making Your Household Budget Fail

Not many people enjoy creating a household budget. They have either tried it before and failed or do not see the value in having one. The result is constant financial problems. Without a sound monthl

Keeping It Fresh: Manage Your Money With Mint

With all of the desktop software and online personal finance software choices, it can be difficult to know which program is best for you. Intuit is a leader in personal finance software, and we evalua


Mvelopes is personal finance software that modernizes the physical budgeting strategy of putting real money in paper envelopes. You can connect Mvelopes directly to your financial institutions, includ


With MoneyLine, you get a lot for your money. It offers the majority of features that other services offer but at a lower price, making it a good value. Adding accounts, creating a budget and managing


Desktop software is increasingly being replaced by online platforms, which provide a place where you can log on without being at your home computer and without downloading software. You can create an

Quicken Premier

Quicken Premier sets the bar for personal finance software. You can sync your bank, credit card and investment accounts directly to Quicken so you never miss a transaction. You can quickly create a bu


Mvelopes is Mac personal finance software that is ideal for goal-oriented budgeting. This program has tools to help you better manage your spending and monitor your budgets from anywhere, including a


Buxfer is personal finance software for Mac that quickly and easily connects with a variety of bank and financial accounts. It also offers a comprehensive mobile app and excellent budgeting tools. Unl

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