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The Best Online Check Ordering Services of 2017

Make Paying Bills Fun With Beautiful Designs

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The Best Online Check Ordering Services of 2017
Our Ranking Online Check Ordering Services Price
1 CheckAdvantage
2 Checks In The Mail
3 Carousel Checks
4 Deluxe GO
5 Walmart Checks
6 Checks Unlimited GO
7 The Styles Check Company
8 4checks.com
9 OrderMyChecks.com GO
10 Vistaprint
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Online Check Ordering Services Review

How to Choose Online Check Ordering Services

The top performers in our review are CheckAdvantage, the Gold Award winner; Checks In The Mail, the Silver Award winner; and Carousel Checks, the Bronze Award winner. Here's more on choosing online check ordering services to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of these 10 choices.

Online check ordering services allow you to have themes for your business and personal checks, sheets or books to store them, and security measures to prevent them from putting your account at risk. The services should offer personalization options that can either be professionally geared or fun and casual. Security and support features guide you through the purchasing and spending processes.

These services are a way to order checks beyond the standard bank-issued choices and make them suit your needs for holidays, business or preservation. Products in the check writing software area give you similar ways to create checks with your own unique stamp. You can read additional tips and how-to's in our articles on Online Check Ordering Services.

Online Check Ordering Services: What We Evaluated, What We Found

We determined the effectiveness of each online check ordering service by whether or not it offers customization options to order checks with an individual look, check styles and add-ons for different tracking options and identification tools, security for keeping your checks safe from any attempted fraud, and assistance in ordering or shopping online for the right choice. The best services have ways to customize your font and add photos or monograms. There should also be single-wallet checks and side-tear checks to suit your preferences. There also needs to be a support system, like live chat or phone service, for when you have questions about how to enter your information or customize your checks.

Top Ten Reviews seeks, whenever possible, to evaluate all products and services in hands-on tests that simulate as closely as possible the experiences of a typical consumer. We judged the services by comparing the personalization options, check records and selection, and security and support services. The companies had no input or influence over our testing methodology, nor was the methodology provided to any of them in more detail than is available by reading our reviews. The results of our evaluations were not provided to companies in advance of publication.

Key Attributes of Online Check Ordering Services

While you can take many factors into consideration before you choose an online check ordering service, a few stand out as more important than others in giving you a smooth experience. First, personalization options with a wide design selection, monograms and customization for fonts give you a starting point for creating your checks, whether you want a holiday theme for your grandchildren or a sleek look for your design business.

Second, check style options and add-ons give you the number and tearing types of checks that are appropriate for your personal or professional needs. Third, a security system adds a safety net in case your checks fall into the wrong hands, and provides you with explanations about why each security measure matters. Lastly, help and support services connect you with FAQs and prompt live chat helpers. All of these attributes factored heavily into our ranking of each online check ordering service.

Customization Options: Making Your Mark
During our research, we looked into how many design selection options and customization tools each service offers on its site. We evaluated the service's popular themes, which are animation, sports, nature and floral. The best choices have font customization and other ways to make your checks reflect your tastes. CheckAdvantage has 2,500 design selections, which is the most we saw.

Check Styles & Add-Ons: Finding the Right Fit
With any online check ordering service, there should be a way to obtain business checks and keep track of what kind of records each check leaves behind. The best services have business checks that can be computerized, high-security or manual, along with ways to either keep a copy or clear your records of clutter if you do not want a paper trail behind your checks. Carousel Checks has an excellent selection of business checks, and Checks In The Mail has all the essential record-keeping options. Knowing in advance whether you need business checks and how you want to keep track of them will help you judge a service's options.

Security: Keeping Others Out of Your Business
When you create a piece of paper with valuable financial and account information printed on it, then you need security measures to make your checks safer from unwanted tampering. Safety paper and chemical protection help banks recognize when a check has been tampered with by someone other than your intended recipient. Each service also needs to have a section on its site that goes over security and explains the benefits of it. Checks Unlimited has strong security, including membership with the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA), which requires checks to have special paper, ink and designs.

Help & Support: Getting the Memo
Each company should offer ways to contact support staff, get your money back in case of a problem, and reorder a past purchase. Phone support and live chat let you speak with people who can explain these security measures and answer questions about themes and types. The Styles Check Company offers email and phone support during business hours, and Deluxe has a money-back guarantee, all of which are useful in an emergency.

What Else Is Important in Selecting an Online Check Ordering Service?

Some features are strong indicators as to an online check ordering service's overall quality. The design selection, personalization and business checks available determine the variety of options you have for creative input in your check's appearance and what kinds of checks you can buy in bulk for business purposes.

Design Selection: Creative Cravings
Wanting checks that fit whatever holiday or season you are steeped in is an impetus for using an online check ordering service, so services should have a plethora of design options. Some services have pop culture options like “Star Trek” or “I Love Lucy” themes. 4checks.com has designs that reflect styles from the 1960s and for pet lovers.

Personalization: Giving Vibes
Personal photo checks, monograms and font customization are the cornerstones of check personalization. Each is a means of making your checks look different from standard bank-issued checks, whether with your own photography or your initials printed on the front in a distinctive font.

Business Checks Available: How It All Adds Up
When choosing checks with your business information, you need to choose a laser, high-security or manual check that fits your professional spending practices. It is a bonus if there are plenty of different bulk sizes in which to purchase them, particularly if you distribute physical checks to employees on a regular basis.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

CheckAdvantage, Checks In The Mail and Carousel Checks are all superb online check ordering services. Carousel Checks, the Bronze Award winner, has a multitude of options for each of the essential themes of personalized checks. Our Silver Award winner, Checks In The Mail, has security measures that are sharp and thorough, with an explanation for how each measure works. CheckAdvantage has more design options for the essential themes and more niche themes, along with strong security for its checks and on its site. It wins our Gold Award for its design selection and security measures.

Other online check ordering services on our lineup have plentiful offerings. The Styles Check Company offers many choices for essential check themes, and 4checks.com has hundreds of quirky design options for your pop culture tastes. Each program has features that help you get the most out of customizing your checks.

All of the online check ordering services on our lineup are solid choices, whether you are planning for your grandchildren's Christmas or your delivery business's payday. Finding a service that gives you the best options for check type, font, pictures and background to reflect your professional life or whatever event is on your mind is possible with our reviews, so you can make your checks look appropriate but unique.