Pros / Carousel Checks has one of the largest selections of artwork of any check service we reviewed.

Cons / You have to purchase check registers and deposit tickets separately.

 Verdict / For a wide variety of designs and check formats such as top stub and carbon copy, Carousel Checks will serve your needs.

Carousel Checks prints customized checks that are attractive and functional. With approximately 1,250 check designs to choose from and outstanding security features, they are perfect for ordering checks for personal and business use. Operating for more than 30 years, Carousel Checks has established itself as a leader among online check ordering services and earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  1. We judged the design selection by counting up how many designs each service offers.
    More is better
  2. 3  Carousel Checks
    1250.0 Designs
  3. 2500.0 Designs
  4. 300.0 Designs
  5. Category Average
    552.6 Designs

Customization Options

Carousel Checks offer a large selection of design options, making them one of the best places to order checks. You can express yourself with animated designs, inspirational topics, scenic prints and more. You can even create your own designs by uploading and displaying photos of your own.

This online check ordering service is always adding new designs so you can always find something new. If you are looking for checks with designs from a licensed artist, the company offers artwork from 13 different artists. In addition, with almost 100 checkbook cover designs offered in vinyl, leather or cloth, you can choose your own covering.

Carousel Checks offer additional design options that include two styles of monograms. You can also choose from seven font styles such as Old English, Retro and Modern Style. And, the service has over 50 stock logos to choose from so you can add even more personalization to your checks.

Check Styles & Add-Ons

Carousel Checks provides personal checks in single sheets or duplicates to copy each transaction. The company provides several different packages for ordering checks and you get a discount if you buy more than one box at a time. Single checks include 125 checks per box and duplicates have 100. However, you have to pay extra for accessories such as check registers.

This check ordering service offers everything you need for paying bills, keeping track of your spending and balancing your checkbook. If you do not want to use duplicates, top stub checks are available so you can document your spending in the space above your check. In addition, you can purchase a check register to record all of your transactions. They also offer 19 designs of ink stamps including void and paid.


Checks you order through Carousel Checks are as safe as those you get from your banking institution. When you are ordering checks online, the checks adhere to all of the security specifications required by financial institutions including CPSA. CPSA stand for the Check Payment Systems Association. The CPSA is a third-party agency that recommends security standards for check printing.

In order to meet CPSA requirements, the presence of three security features that defend against alteration must be present. These include the use of special paper, inks and distinctive design elements. You can tell if your checks meet CPSA guidelines by the padlock icon that is on the checks.

Other security features include a check safe backer that prevents the reproduction of the reverse side of your check and a microprint security line that appears as a dotted line if your check is copied.

Help & Support

If you have any questions, the company offers a toll-free phone number and email support. We are impressed with the knowledgeable customer service agents. For answers to commonly asked questions, you can browse the FAQs page. Carousel Checks offers a partial money-back guarantee on items that you want to return. There is a 25 percent restocking fee for non-defective items and you are responsible for return shipping costs.


Although Carousel Checks specializes in personalized checks, they offer a wide selection of business checks, computer checks and additional accessories. As a leading check supplier, they have a consistent track record of providing top-notch checks and related supplies.

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