Pros / Creating and editing budgets with Mvelopes is a simple process, though the software is capable of advanced budgeting.

Cons / This software doesn't help you track or manage investment accounts.

 Verdict / Mvelopes is solid personal finance software that syncs with your financial institutions. It can help you create and manage budgets, but it doesn't support brokerage accounts.

Mvelopes is personal finance software that modernizes the physical budgeting strategy of putting real money in paper envelopes. You can connect Mvelopes directly to your financial institutions, including bank and credit card accounts, for a continually updated look at all of your financial transactions. There are three plans available: Mvelopes, Mvelopes Premier and Mvelopes Coaching. The basic plan is free, and you have to sign up for it before you can see the pricing for the Premier plan, which is awkward compared to the clearly posted pricing found on most personal finance software websites.

Syncing to financial institutions is simple with Mvelopes. You can choose from the most popular banks and credit unions, or search for those that may be less well known. After entering your credentials with the bank, this personal accounting software imports all your account balances and transactions.

Transactions are automatically categorized, but you can edit them and customize categories as needed. While this service allows you to connect to brokerage accounts, it only transfers balances, so you can see how your investments contribute to your net worth, but you can't monitor your portfolio performance. This software lacks specific reporting for investment accounts and tax purposes.

For personal finance management away from your computer, you can download mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, which you can use to manage your accounts, add and edit transactions, adjust your budget and monitor your expenses.

When creating a budget, you can first schedule your paychecks out for the month so you have a base amount to work with. From there, you can budget amounts for your expenses. In Mvelope's terms, this is allotting amounts to your envelopes, and you can add or delete envelopes, add limits, and copy budgets from month to month.

You can further edit each envelope individually, selecting the name and category. You can choose to have a bill be monthly, periodically or an everyday expense. From this view, you can schedule out a whole year rather than just a few months. Online bill pay isn't available with this program.

When you exceed the budget in a particular category or envelope, the balance appears in red so you can quickly see where the issue lies. If a transaction will put the envelope at a negative balance, you will be prompted as to how you wish to address the situation, either by adding funds to the envelope or letting it go negative. The software doesn't send you alerts if you exceed your budget.

You can run reports to keep track of your envelopes, budget and cash flow. You can view reports for spending and funding, balances, net worth and category spending. Reports may be exported in either a PDF or a CSV format, which can be uploaded into programs such as Excel.

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Mvelopes is solid personal finance software for keeping track of your home budget. Syncing to your bank, credit union and credit cards ensures your transactions and balances are up to date, and allocating funds to specific envelopes allows you to keep your spending in check. However, it doesn't track investments, have tax reporting, online bill pay or send you alerts if you exceed your budget. Additionally, to see Premier plan pricing, you have to first sign up for a basic account.

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