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Simple Home Money Management G3 Review

PROS / Simple drag-and-drop functions and icons keep everything organized and easy to find.

CONS / Financial calculators are not included.

 VERDICT / This personal finance software is customizable and simple to use.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Simple Home Money Management G3

With Simple Home Money Management personal finance software, consumers will find budgeting enjoyable. With an easy-to-use interface, every step from setup to adding accounts and calculating the yearly impact on monthly budgeted items, brings you closer to reaching financial goals.

Whether you're setting up or updating the software in order to import accounts, track expenditures or view reports and graphs, this personal finance software is simple to use. The money software process is illustrated by graphics, which makes all procedures easy to follow. Additionally, you can skip steps and return to them whenever it is convenient for you.

Throughout the initial setup process, finding categories for income and outgoing items is simple with icons that quickly bring that category to mind. In order to add a category to your account, income or outgoing panels, simply drag and drop the icon.

By creating a drag-and-drop system with designated icons, Simple Home Money Management has made banking simple. For example, in the income section a "for rent" sign indicates rental or property income. As you navigate through the outgoing items section, you will see an image representing every possible purchase or expense you could have.

After the initial personal finance software setup page, you're taken to the accounts page where various credit cards, debit cards, checking and saving accounts, investment accounts and other online accounts are added. When a card or account has been chosen, such as American Express or a checking account, a window will appear asking the account name, bank account number and the balance as of a specific date. When you've entered all the information, the accounts will be uploaded to this money software.

The "annual budget" is our favorite money management banking feature in this software. In the budget screen, all images and tags are categorized according to income and outgoing expenses. For each income tag chosen, you select the frequency and amount in which the income is received. With this information entered, the personal finance software automatically totals your annual income amount.

The "outgoings" section is located below the income section. Here, clothing, coffee, health insurance, entertainment and many other outgoing expense options have been automatically selected and filed alphabetically. Like in the income section, the software asks you to input the frequency of each purchase type and the allotted sum. Again, the outgoing sum is calculated according to the frequency, giving you the annual amount spent on that outgoing item. You will be amazed at how much daily purchases, such as a $3.50 coffee, add up to on a yearly basis. This tool allows users to see their daily, weekly or monthly purchases and the effect of each on their annual net worth.

Displayed in bright colors, all of the graphics within your personal finance report are easy-to-read and understand.

The following reports are available:

Annual Budget – This report shows the completed budget that you have personally set for yourself.

Year to Date Against Budget Table – This report will help you set more realistic spending goals and will also show the actual income and outgoings as opposed to the income and outgoings you set in your personal budget.

Year to Date Against Budget Graphs – This report has two graphs. The first has plotted the actual year-to-date income and the second shows your year-to-date budgeted income.

Forecast Year End – Again, this report issues two graphs. The first graph illustrates the expected outgoings and income at the end of the budgeted year. The second chart will illustrate the actual income and outgoings on a weekly basis up until the current week, and it shows budgeted figures from the next week until the year's end.

Charts – Charts are fantastic visuals showing your actual income to date by income category as well as actual outgoings by category.

Simple Home Money Management money software offers sparse help and support options, but they are still acceptable for receiving answers to your questions. On the Simple Home Money Management website, there is a technical ticket support form you can fill out with any questions you have about the software. All requests will receive a reply within 48 hours.

Specific account information is required for every credit card, savings, bank and checking account you add to Simple Home Money Management. A password protects this account information from being tampered with. All collected information can also be backed up and restored as needed. This allows for years of tracked spending accounts, which you can then compare and analyze to evaluate how well you've improved your spending habits over time.

The personal investing options included with this money software can be found in the accounts and income section. When setting up your account, you can choose to include an investment account, account name, bank account number and balance of the account as of a specific date.

Although this personal finance software does not have a dedicated tax section, you can categorize and tag outgoing items as federal, state and local, personal and other taxes. These outgoing sections are then calculated in the annual budget ledger.


Simple Home Money Management personal finance software is easy to use and operate. We wish there were more personal investment options, but the annual budget feature is useful and the software is easy to use. We recommend this product.

Simple Home Money Management G3