In order to apply for an apartment, buy a car, purchase a house or even get some jobs, you need good credit history. However, not everyone has all the financial skills to responsibly manage credit when they are young. Some college students who have already begun to build their credit may not have a good credit history because of mistakes on their first loan or credit card, resulting in a poor credit score.

Applying for a college student credit card can be especially difficult if you have poor credit history since students don’t often have a lot of income. If you find yourself unable to apply for a credit card because of poor credit history, you still have options for accessing credit and rebuilding your history. Here are some tips and credit cards for college students with bad credit.

Getting approved for a credit card with poor credit history is difficult, but there are a couple good options you can pursue, namely a credit card with a co-signer or a secured card. The first way, having a co-signer, involves someone with good credit history, typically a parent or guardian, applying for the card with you. When someone co-signs on your loan, he or she agrees to be responsible for the debt you accrue if you fail to make your payments or go delinquent on your account. Since that person’s credit and financial stability are on the line, it is important to carefully manage your payments and ensure you pay on time, every time.

Another option when you have bad credit is to apply for a secured credit card. A secured student credit card has a low credit limit and is best for helping you build credit and repair a poor credit history. A secured credit card is considered as such because of a deposit you make to the bank. The bank then issues you a line of credit, typically equivalent to the amount of your deposit. If you miss payments or go delinquent on your account, the bank is protected against losses because it absorbs your deposit.

If you have bad credit history and are applying for a student credit card, consider one of these well-know options: Capital One, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, U.S. Bank and Discover. These banks offer student credit cards and enough variety to meet your needs, even with a no or bad credit history.

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