Standard credit cards, reward credit cards, travel credit cards and more can offer you far more than just credit. Besides giving you points and credit card rewards redeemable for cash and other items, many cards offer a slew of perks that can be a huge help in a time of need.

Depending on the card type you have   Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard   the benefits attached to it may differ, but it s likely there is a handful you don't know about. Additionally, there may be terms and conditions you have to adhere to, or you may have to sign up for these benefits in order for them to kick in. Furthermore, there s this catch   you must use your card to purchase certain items for the benefits to kick in.

Travel Accident Coverage
Traveling can be risky, yet your personal insurance might offer little coverage while you re traveling around. The travel accident coverage that is included with many cards kicks in only if you purchase your flight tickets and other travel fares with your card. Generally, you are covered for accidental death or dismemberment. Additionally, any dependents or passengers who you ve also purchased travel fares for are also covered. Depending on your specific card, the coverage amount and terms will differ.

Lost/Delayed Luggage Reimbursement
No one wants to arrive at their destination and find that their luggage has either been lost or delayed by the airline, but it happens. Luckily, if the card you used to purchase your flight offers lost or delayed luggage reimbursement, you ll be set. This kind of coverage allows reimburses you for any essentials you have to purchase while without your lost or delayed luggage. However, you are only covered for up to a certain amount, and each card s coverage may differ, but at least you ll have the peace of mind that you may be reimbursed for all those extra clothes and travel essentials you have to purchase when your luggage is lost or delayed.

Rental Car Coverage
Renting a car on vacation or when yours in the shop can be a worrisome situation, especially when there s an accident with the rental car. However, your credit card may have coverage for you   that is, if you used your card to pay for the rental. This coverage generally will provide rental car insurance for collision damages. Additionally, depending on what your card company offers, you may also be covered from vehicle theft.

Extended Product Warranty
The warranties that come with many products, like electronics, are usually not overly generous. You d be lucky to get a two-year warranty most of the time. However, your card company may offer you a feature called extended product warranty when you use your card to purchase the item. In most circumstances, if this is offered, your card company will provide you with one additional year of warranty on the item.

Concierge Service
When you re traveling, finding the right place to stay, shop, eat or play is sometimes more difficult than you would think when you re unfamiliar with the area, but your credit card may offer a concierge assistance service, which is available to assist you with all sorts of things. This service can differ from including travel, shopping and even restaurant recommendations, to helping you find the right gift for that special someone or arranging a business meeting. Additionally, if this service is available with your credit card, it s generally available 24/7.

Each credit card is different, as are its benefits, features and services. Even if you have the best rewards card, the best travel rewards credit card or a total rewards credit card, checking with your card company to determine which additional benefits are available is important before you rely on any of the above. Additionally, your card company may also require that you sign up for the benefits that they offer before you can use them.

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