In a world where technology grows increasingly smarter, it seems many of us are dumb when it comes to budgeting. We don't keep track of expenses or how much money we have until payday.

If you identify with that, there are things you can do. For example, you can purchase and use personal finance software to get your money under control. However, if you own a smartphone or tablet, you can find apps to help you get smart with your finances. Here are some of the best and most popular we found to help you control your finances and secure a brighter financial future.

Mint: Personal Finance (free)
A favorite with reviewers and users, Mint Personal Finance by Intuit helps you track your entire financial state. It offers in-depth personal budget management and expense logging, and syncing with your bank accounts, investment funds and credit cards for an up-to-date look at your finances. You can input your cash expenses as well. The app categorizes expenses and tracks trends as well – a great way to discover where your financial weak spots and budget drains are. It also allows you to set and track financial goals, like saving for a vacation or paying off a debt. In addition, you can get your credit score and read expert advice on banking fees, credit cards, home loans and more.

Mint: Bill Pay & Money (free)
Mint also has an app called Bill Pay & Money, which keeps up on your bills and lets you pay them right from the app. You can schedule automatic payments or set up reminders. It also gives you a low cash alert so you don't bounce a payment.

Wally (free)
It's hard to manage your finances when your accounts are all over the place. Wally looks at all your finances and tracks your income and your outgo. You can also scan receipts, which makes it easier to track cash expenses. What makes Wally unique is that it looks at expenses as experiences rather than transactions. You can see why and with whom you spent your money. The app lets you tag friends and take photos. If your location service is on, Wally can also link it to a venue. That way, rather than seeing a credit card statement of cryptic abbreviations and a headquarters address you don't recognize, you can see it was the kiosk where you got the crazy sunglasses with your friend.

Level Money (free)
Whether "Level" comes from the level-headed advice or the that fact that the app will level with you, this simple, no-nonsense app looks at your finances, determines your spending patterns and displays how much you can afford to spend this day, this week, or this month. It also asks you to set a percentage of income as your savings and calculates that into how much money you can spend.

HomeBudget with Sync ($4.99)
This handy app has iPhone, Android and desktop versions (Mac OS and Windows) to help you track your budget wherever you are. It collates and tracks your accounts, bills due, and income. You can create or delete recurring expenses, attach photo images of receipts, make payments, set a budget, and view reports in multiple formats, such as charts or raw data.

You Need a Budget ($5/month)
This app works in conjunction with the You Need a Budget program, but you don't have to have the program to use it. It tracks your budget across all your devices, which is handy. Whatever device you're using, you can refer to accounts, check and modify your budget, enter new expenses or income, and generally keep your financial planning up to date whether you are at your desk or on the go.

DebtTracker Pro (iPhone, 1.99)
If you're looking to budget, chances are you have debt. While many budget apps record your debt, DebtTracker Pro focuses on how well you are paying it down with a simple progress bar that counts you down to being debt free. It also helps you with debt payment strategies, such as the snowball method. When you pick your strategy, it tells you how much to put toward each debt in order to pay them off faster.

Debt Payoff Planner (Android, free)
Like DebtTracker, this app tracks your spending and lets you choose a payment strategy. It then recommends payments in order to achieve your goal of getting out of debt. It offers a payoff chart so you can see how quickly you can get out of debt if you follow the plan.

Digit (free)
It seems like smartphones can do everything except save for you…or can they do that, too? Digit, a new app endorsed by Google, automates saving in a new way. Rather than deducting a specific amount each month, this unique app monitors your spending habits to figure out how much money you can afford to sock away and transfers it for you. It takes between $2 and $17 at a time, so you may not even miss it, but small numbers can add up fast. Digit holds the funds in an FDIC-insured account and uses 128-bit encryption. If you don't have a savings account, Digit sets one up for you. You can access the money whenever you like, and once every three months, you get a bonus of 5 cents per $100. The Digit website does not mention interest on the savings account, however.

Acorns (free, but broker fees)
Like Digit, Acorns helps you make the most of the money you probably wouldn't miss. This handy investment app selects an investment portfolio for you based on your financial health. You make an initial $5 investment, then have the choice of making manual investments or letting Acorns invest your spare change. So if you spend $3.50 on coffee, Acorns invests the leftover 50 cents. This app charges a broker fee of at least $1 a month or 0.25 percent of the portfolio a year for accounts over $5,000. College students get the fees waived for four years as long as they have a college email.

Expensify (free)
This is a great tool for travelers or businesspeople who need to track expenses on the go. This app lets you manually track expenses, photograph receipts, and import purchase information from your credit card. It makes IRS-validated receipts from the information and reads the text on the receipts to log the information, saving you the trouble of manually inputting everything. You can track travel mileage, time and rate-based expenses as well as currency conversion.

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