Credit reports are supposed to give a level of transparency to the lending process for banks and consumers alike; however, many people struggle to understand just exactly what the report is telling them. Few people even know if their credit score is good when they get it. If you d like a simpler way to quickly see how your credit history is affecting you then you ll love the latest innovation from, called the Credit Report Card.

Resist the urge to panic if the words  report card  conjure up bad memories of taking home a piece of paper from school showing grades that were sure to get you into trouble. You re an adult now, remember? has called their special report a report card because it simplifies your credit history into an easy-to-read statement, much like your old school report cards summarized months of work and tests into a letter grade.

These credit report cards also give a broader view of your credit history according to the various scoring models used by different institutions. This summary gives you an immediate idea of where your credit is, and it doesn t affect your credit score when you request one.

The credit report cards are available after completing a registration process and verifying the user s identity. Once that s done, consumers can get a real-time estimate of where there credit is at. One of the best parts about the credit report card is that it also gives you feedback about things you can start doing to remedy different problems with your credit, depending on what information has shown up on your report.

Despite the advantages of having your credit rating displayed in a simplified summary, credit report cards shouldn t be used solely to manage your personal credit. It s still a good idea to periodically get an official credit report from one of the three institutions authorized to issue detailed reports, just so you can have all the details needed to know exactly what s been happening with your credit score. If you need help finding the best place to get your complete credit score report, refer to our review of the best credit report sites.

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