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7 Reasons to Invest in Penny Stocks

The definition of a penny stock has changed over the years. What once meant a stock worth less than a dollar now includes stocks priced at less than $5 per share. These penny stocks are generally cons

Five Stock-Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Investing in the stock market comes with its own set of risks and the potential for loss. However, if you do your homework and have clear goals, you can greatly improve your odds of success. Here is

Tips to Get Approved for a Credit Card

Credit cards are undeniably useful, particularly in a financial emergency. They're also a convenient alternative to carrying cash and, if managed responsibly, can boost your credit score. Of course, f

Five Stock-Picking Strategies for Day Trading

Day trading is when you purchase and trade a stock all within the same day. While day trading has its advantages, you only have a finite amount of time to leverage capital and reap potential returns.

Eight Day Trading Tips for Beginners

Day trading is one of those career choices that works well for a certain type of person. A successful day trader is patient, trusts their gut instincts, does the research and is, above all, incredibly

Best Futures Brokers

All stock trading involves speculating on the value of something rising in the future. Futures trading, however, differs in that it's about the value of concrete commodities like foodstuffs or metals,


CountAbout is personal finance software for Mac and PC. It's browser-based, so you can use it on any computer with an internet connection. If security is a concern, you can opt in for two-factor authe


Banktivity personal finance software for Mac includes strong budgeting tools and gives you multiple options for connecting to your accounts. This program is missing some of the investment-management t


Moneyspire is easy-to-use personal finance software that can help you track your budget, pay your bills and, with its Plus program, keep an eye on your investments. It lacks goal-tracking and budget a


CountAbout is one of just four browser-based programs featured in our personal finance software review. It offers two service tiers: Basic and Premium, and each comes with an annual subscription fee.

Everything You Need to Know About Automated Forex Trading

Automated forex trading offers several advantages to traders. Rather than manually making trades, the forex trading platform looks for specific signals, such as price trends and spread discrepancies,

Four Best Forex Demo Accounts

Forex trading offers some advantages over the stock market because of its liquidity, decentralization and 24/5 operating schedule. Foreign exchange trading is riskier than other types of investing, be

Should You Itemize Your Tax Deductions?

As you complete your taxes, you have the option to itemize your deductions or take a standard deduction. It's important to carefully consider which option is best for your specific tax situation, beca

Tax Brackets for 2017: Where Do You Fit?

In the United States, we have a progressive tax system, which means that individuals and families that have a higher annual income pay a higher percentage of their earnings in taxes than lower-income

7 High Risk Investments That are Worth the Risk

High-risk investing isn't something to take lightly. The best investment funds include a strong platform of steady growth. However, high-risk investments, well considered and handled, can result in ex

The 3 Best Investments for Young Adults

Why Invest Young? One of the best, and most common, pieces of advice new professionals hear is to invest when they're young. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the younger you start in

Saving vs Investing: Which is the Better Option?

Saving and investing your hard-earned money are two strategies key to your overall financial well-being. Whether you save or invest funds depends on what you intend to use the money for later (You sho

8 Cool Facts About the Stock Market

Online stock trading is the latest evolution of the stock market you know today. Markets have undergone many changes over the decades of their existence, but its roots go back as far as the 16th centu

Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

If you're not interested in the traditional model for stock trading, there's another avenue that could be ideal for you: penny stock trading. Penny stocker traders, or day traders as they're often cal

The 9 Best Budgeting Tools

If you have trouble sticking to a budget, you're not alone. Adhering to a budget can help you achieve long-term and short-term financial goals. Though it may be difficult at first, it does not have to

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