We applaud at concerts, we pay $10 for movie tickets and we buy season tickets to see our favorite sports team. We pay celebrities for the goods they offer and many pull down millions (or more) a year. However, the IRS doesn't care if you've won a Grammy or received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Celebrities, whether they are actors, singers or athletes, wind up needing tax debt relief just like anyone else. If you're facing tax debt of your own, you are not alone. The rich and famous have access to high-powered lawyers and accounting firms, but they can still land in hot water with the IRS.

We've assembled a list of over 50 celebrities and the amounts that they allegedly owe in back taxes. For ease, the celebrities are listed alphabetically by first name.

Aaron Carter   $900,000+
Al Capone   $200,000+
Al Pacino   $188,000+
Annie Leibovitz   $2 million+

Burt Reynolds   $225,000+
Brian McKnight   $230,000+

Chris Tucker   $3.5 million
Christie Brinkley   $500,000+

Dean Cain   $190,000
Dionne Warwick   $10.2 million
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. "Lil Wayne"   $14 million+

Floyd Mayweather Jr.   $9 million
Forest Whitaker   $1.25 million

Helio Castroneves   $5 million+

Jaime Pressly   $630,000+
Jeffrey Atkins "Ja Rule"   $1.1 million+
Joseph Cartagena "Fat Joe"   $700,000+
Jon Gosselin   $39,000+
Judy Garland   $4 million

Katt Williams   $4.3 million+
Kevin Federline   $57,000+

Lauryn Hill   $1 million+
Lil' Kim   $1 million+
Lindsay Lohan   $93,000+
Lindsey Vonn   $1.7 million+
Lionel Ritchie   $1.1 million+

Marc Anthony   $6 million+
Martha Stewart   $220,000+
Martin Scorsese   $2.8 million+
Mary J. Blige   $3.4 million+
MC Hammer   $670,000+
Mike Tyson   $18 million+

Nicolas Cage   $14 million+

O.J. Simpson   $14 million
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne  $1.7 million +

Pamela Anderson   $1 million+
Paul Hogan   $100 million
Pete Rose   $150,000+
Plaxico Burress   $100,000+

R. Kelly   $4.8 million +
Randy Quaid   $1 million
Richard Hatch   $2 million+
Robert Patrick   $175,000+

Sinbad   $8.5 million
Stephen Baldwin   $350,000+
Steven Seagal   $340,000+

Val Kilmer   $530,000+

Wesley Snipes   $17 million
William Drayton, Jr. "Flavor Flav"   $183,000+
Willie Nelson   $32 million

Taxes are complicated as it is, and when you add millions of dollars in revenue to the mix, that can add up to quite the tax bill. However, you don't have to be a celebrity to rack up this sort of tax debt, and it can happen faster than you think. Forgetting to declare income or choosing not to pay your federal taxes can lead to a tax debt that spirals out of control for celebrities and common folk alike. And if you don't take care of a tax debt quickly, it can grow to monstrous proportions. If you're a small business owner, missing even one quarter of payroll taxes can start a snowball effect that will soon be out of your control. Don't let your tax debt get out of control; seek IRS tax relief so that you can sleep easier at night.

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