You may be surprised to learn that checks have been around for thousands of years and were first used by the ancient Romans. The first checks to include serial numbers were the brainchild of British banker Lawrence Childs, and they were first printed in 1752. Today checks have become one of the standard methods for individuals and businesses to send money. Despite the growing use of check cards and online payment systems, checks remain popular, as they are still necessary in many areas of business.

For many, checks provide a sense of security and a tangible control over their funds that you simply can t get with a check card. They also provide a fun platform for creative expression. Not only are there several worthwhile reasons to order checks, there are several reasons to order them online as well, including saving you money and giving you access to designs you d never find at a standard bank. Here are our favorite reasons to order checks through an online check ordering service.

Competitive Pricing: Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the check ordering industry are the dozens of online check ordering services that offer drastically lower prices, per check, versus the prices available at a bank. These services specialize in sending orders directly to customers, which means they can offer lower prices. Value packs are another way to save, and are commonly offered at online check ordering services. Value packs give customers another way to save by offering a lower price on a bundled order of checks and accessories.

Personalization Options: While personalizing your checks with your name, address and banking information is standard when ordering checks, not everyone provides the customization features that are now becoming standard at most online check ordering services. You can generally choose from several different fonts, and there's usually a huge selection of stock logos and monograms. Many online services also allow you to upload your own logo. Additionally, you can often upload personal photos to add to the design of your checks.

Customized Checking Accessories: A huge selection of matching accessories are another bonus of ordering your checks with an online check ordering service. Matching checkbook covers, address labels, personalized stamps and stationary are just a sampling of the checking accessories available with these services. Many online check ordering services also offer organizers, business card cases, safety deposit bags and luggage tags.

Business Supplies: Personal checking is not the only area these check ordering sites specialize in. You will find a number of check ordering services offer a variety of business checks and business checking accessories. Common formats include computer checks, manual checks and desk checks. You'll also find business checking accessories, such as binders and covers, laser and deposit supplies.

Why order checks from a bank when you can order them from a company that specializes in check printing? A quick survey of online check ordering services will introduce you to a wide range of check designs and checking accessories, as well as a multitude of personalization options, that will make you fall in love with checks all over again.

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