Shopping and paying bills online is just part of life in this ever-advancing technological world. Prepaid debit cards offer the safety and flexibility to complete transactions online, and card users don't need a good credit score or even a bank account.

"Online shopping is becoming the norm in today's world, but low credit and other financial situations can take that option away," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of TopTenREVIEWS. "Prepaid debit cards offer a way to cyber-shop and manage online bills securely and easily."

The Top 3:

1. American Express: Earning the coveted top-rating spot on the review, the American Express prepaid debit card is flexible, nearly fee free and comes with many features at no additional cost. Its features include purchase protection, roadside assistance, entertainment access and global assistance. American Express boasts excellent customer service that's available via telephone, FAQs and email.

2. Mango: Mango flaunts a good feature set including text alerts and an iPhone app for managing your card. Mango is one of the only top-rated prepaid debit cards that allow the transfer of money from Western Union and PayPal.

3. Kaiku: Kaiku is the third-ranked card because of its low fees and many free benefits such as mobile banking and alerts, customer service, direct deposit, and ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries.

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What Makes Top-Notch Prepaid Debit Cards?

Consumer-friendly prepaid debit cards will boast low or no fees on many services, offer flexibility and come equipped with many additional features and incentives. Anyone deciding between cards should consider fees and charges, flexibility, features, funding options and support.

Fees & Charges: The best prepaid debit cards won't have ridiculous fees, though all will charge for certain services. Look for a prepaid debit card that offers a low monthly and ATM fees.

Flexibility: Some prepaid debit cards offer spending flexibility, specifically with international purchases and security. Look for a prepaid debit card that has a low international conversion and ATM withdrawal fee.

Features: Additional features for a prepaid debit card are the garnish on top of everything else. Certain cards offer features such as text alerts, online account management, a smartphone app, rewards and a savings account option.

Funding Options: Adding money to a prepaid debit card shouldn't be a difficult task. Look for one that allows you to set up direct deposit and to transfer money from Western Union, MoneyPak or a bank account.

Help & Support: The best prepaid cards will come with excellent help and support options. A helpful website with frequently asked questions can answer most consumer questions, and a knowledgeable support staff can quickly address any concerns via telephone or email.

Prepaid debit cards give anyone, including those with a low credit score or no bank account, the option to shop online securely. Certain cards have lower fees than others, so consumers should choose a card that offers the most convenience at the lowest cost.

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