Online Bill pay has many features that make it a great way to get your bills off your hands. One of these features is the ability to pay a wide variety of entities, and even, in some cases, individuals. We have taken the top ten most common bills and explained how each could be easily paid with online bill paying services.

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 Student Loans: Once you are out of college there is so much to worry about without making sure you pay your student loan on time. Set it up for online bill pay and move on with your life with an assurance that your bill will be paid on time every month.

Insurance: Receiving a traffic ticket is not fun, especially if it s for not having insurance when you thought you paid it last month. With online bill pay you can go back and check your transactions and print out proof that you did pay, the amount and the post date.

Cable: To always know that when you turn your television on there will be something to see, without having to try and remember when and how much to pay, sign up for online bill pay. You can opt to receive your cable bill online and can be sure that you are always paying the right amount on time.

Medical Bills: Doctor Bills stack up quickly; sometimes it s hard to keep track of all the bills you need to pay. There are prescriptions, doctors, hospitals, therapists and more. Getting a handle on all the paperwork for each and every bill is very difficult and confusing. Online bill pay can enable you to receive all your bills online and to set up automatic payments, relieving you of trying to remember who was paid and who wasn t.

Cell Phone: Have you ever been talking to a friend when suddenly your phone goes off because you didn t pay your bill? With online bill paying services you will always know when your bill will be paid and how much it will cost.

Credit Cards: Never deal with merciless credit card collectors again by getting your cards paid on time with online bill pay. You will no longer have to worry about incurring late fees or completely forgetting a payment and getting a nasty call, because you have it set up to come out of your bill paying service account automatically.

Babysitter: Going to pick up your children and having their babysitter ask you when he or she is going to be paid can be an awkward experience, but it doesn t have to happen. With many online bill paying services you can pay individuals on a monthly basis in steady or varying amounts. Now you and the babysitter can talk about how well your child did that day, instead of your bill.

Utilities: Most of us have had a moment in our lives when we turn on the water faucet and nothing happens, or we flip the light switch and find ourselves still in the dark. Never again. With online bill pay your utility bills will be paid on time and you can take your shower in the morning.

Car Payment: A car is a vital object to most people and the most common way to get a car is through a loan. If you don t make your payments on your car loan companies will not mess around, but rather, they will take your car right out of your hands. To keep that from happening, set your payment up for online bill pay and you won t have to worry about missed payments.

Mortgage/Rent: Making a mortgage or rent payment is a necessary thing for most of the world wide population. By paying your mortgage or rent online you can forget the stress of forgetting. Know that your payment will be paid in full and on time, saving you the last minute scurry to keep a roof over your head.

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