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Tips to Get Approved for a Credit Card

Credit cards are undeniably useful, particularly in a financial emergency. They're also a convenient alternative to carrying cash and, if managed responsibly, can boost your credit score. Of course, f

How to Maximize Your Rewards Credit Cards

A rewards credit card is a great way to get back a bit in cash or rewards for buying things you already need, but charging them to a credit card instead of using cash or your debit card. All of the pe

Department Store Rewards Credit Cards

A rewards credit card gives you a little bit back for the shopping you're going to do anyway. Department store cards haven't traditionally rewarded shoppers with extra incentives like rewards programs

Co-branded Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Nearly every major credit card company offers a travel rewards credit card that lets you earn points or miles that can be redeemed for airfare, hotel stays, cruises and car rentals. If you have a pref

Branded Rewards Credit Cards

A standard rewards credit card from a bank or credit card company generally offers 1 to 6 percent cash back on everyday purchases. So, it's easy to earn money on stuff you already buy, such as groceri


Bank of America offers a couple of rewards credit cards to help you get something back each time you use your credit card. The BankAmericard Cash Rewards card gives you cash back when you use the cred


Discover keeps its rewards credit card options simple and straightforward. If you want to earn cash back, you can do that with the Discover it card. If you need a travel card, the Discover it Miles cr


Citi Bank offers plenty of different rewards cards for every budget, giving you the opportunity to earn cash back, points and travel rewards. The rewards credit cards you can choose from include the T

American Express

American Express offers three cash back rewards cards, including Blue Cash Preferred, Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash rewards cards. You can earn other rewards with other cards from American Express,


Chase offers three rewards credit cards that can earn you cash back or travel and dining rewards when you use them on everyday purchases. You have the option of choosing the Chase Freedom rewards cred

Capital One

Capital One offers two cash back credit cards: Quicksilver Rewards and QuicksilverOne Rewards. If travel rewards appeal to you more, it offers two travel rewards credit cards: Venture Rewards and Vent

Business Credit Cards for Fair Credit

If you're having difficulty securing a business credit card, then it's probably not you, it's your credit. Credit card companies designate a certain credit rating or score for its business credit card

Using Credit Cards to Fund Your Startup

While some businesses go to banks to get loans or turn to online funding campaigns to bankroll their business venture, credit cards have become a popular way for small business owners to fund their st

How to Get a Business Credit Card

Acquiring a business credit card is a great way to separate your personal finances from your business's. Even better, you can order separate cards for your key employees, which allows you to track em

Credit Card Machines for Small Business

To survive in today's competitive marketplace, every modern business needs to accept credit cards. And the most common way to process credit card transactions is through a credit card reader in conjun


Citi has teamed up with American Airlines to create the AAdvantage line of business credit cards. These cards offer airline miles as their main perk. If you or your employees do a lot of business trav

Ink by Chase

Ink by Chase is a line of credit cards for businesses that provides different benefits – cash back or points – depending on the benefits you'd prefer to receive. Ink Cash offers cash back

Capital One

Capital One Spark for Business is a line of business credit cards that lets you choose the rewards that make the most sense for your business. Each card has its own set of rewards, though, so if you c

Bank of America

Bank of America offers business credit cards with a relatively low annual percentage rate (APR) and useful account features. You can get extra cards and issue them to employees, and you can establish

Wal-Mart MoneyCard

If you peruse any drug store or big-box retailer, you'll likely find a display full of gift cards and prepaid credit cards for almost anything you can imagine. Between all of the available choices, it

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