Traveling can be a hassle sometimes, especially if you have to do it for your job. Flight delays and scrambling to make last-minute reservations threaten work productivity, not to mention are very stressful. The American Express Open line of business credit cards grants you access to airport clubs all over the world and amenities in hotels and resorts. With the American Express International Airline Program, you can receive companion tickets for both first-class and business-class airfare. If your company requires you to spend a lot of time in the air, this line of business credit cards may serve you well.

Open has several different cards to choose from. Below is a brief overview of each card.

The Business Platinum Card's rewards are heavily geared toward travel, so if you travel a lot for work, you'll want to look at Open's other cards. This business card is also difficult to get. Companies must have excellent credit and a clear, well-established credit history. However, if your business meets the requirements and involves extensive travel, then the Business Platinum Card may be an option.

The Business Platinum Card has an annual fee. The grace period is 20 days, and the balance is due in full each month. There are no foreign transaction fees, and there is also no preset spending limit. There is a penalty for late and returned payments.

American Express's Gold Rewards Card allows cardholders to quickly accumulate rewards points. Because it doesn't have the same perks as the Platinum Card, you pay less for it. The Business Gold Rewards Card finds a happy middle ground where you can enjoy excellent perks without having to pay an exorbitant annual fee. This business credit card might be more suitable for smaller companies than the Platinum Card.

The annual fee for the Gold card is waived for 12 months, but after that, there is an annual charge. All purchases must be paid in full. There are no transaction fees. There is, however, a penalty for late and returned payments.

American Express's third business credit card is the Plum Card, which gives cardholders flexible payment options. As part of the Open Savings Program, cardholders can qualify for lower prices and benefits with affiliate airlines, hotels and delivery services.

The Plum version has no annual fee for the first year, but there is an annual fee for subsequent years. You can take up to 60 days to pay your bill without interest, though there is a percentage discount if you pay the bill within 10 days of the statement's due date. There is a fee for late and returned payments.

American Express offers expanded and personalized customer service for its Open members. Accounts can be accessed, managed, monitored and set up to receive notifications online and through mobile devices. Business Platinum cardholders get an exclusive phone extension for direct contact with AE's customer service representatives.

The American Express Open credit cards are a good option for qualifying businesses. Businesses that qualify receive a wide array of useful options and benefits that extend to travel savings, accumulating rewards points and flexible payment options.