Business cards generally offer rewards programs and member benefits of some sort, but sometimes those benefits don't align with actual business needs. AT&T's Universal Business Rewards Card offers benefits designed to help small businesses.

There is no annual fee with this line of business credit cards. There is an introductory APR for six months, after which the interest rate is variable. There are late and over-limit fees. Be sure to check your contract's terms to find out what these fees entail so you are not surprised later on.

On eligible AT&T purchases, cardholders receive five rewards points for every dollar spent. Select purchases on gas, professional services and office supplies net cardholders three points for every dollar. Employee spending can also increase rewards point accrual.

The Personal Business Assistant, a service that comes with the cards, puts cardholders in touch with marketing and administrative services, and it helps with management needs, travel arrangements, and hotel and entertainment reservations.

The AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card line also offers optional Smith Barney business accounts, giving business owners additional aid in managing immediate finances plus short and long-term investments. This is a unique feature not found with other business credit cards.

As an AT&T Universal Business Rewards cardholder, members have access to a variety of rewards programs. These programs give you discounts on prescriptions and provide some dental and health benefits. Cardholders also receive travel accident insurance for all plane, train and bus tickets purchased using the card. In addition, it offers automatic car rental insurance and travel and emergency assistance. Many cards offer one or two of these services, but it is rare to find one that includes so many.

AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card clients can access and manage accounts online. Cardholders can bypass phone trees and speak directly to a customer service representative.

The AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card line has a rewards accrual system in which members can quickly accumulate and use rewards with immediate benefit for them: office supplies, travel, hotel reservations and entertainment and other outlets. It also includes useful services that are not found on most business credit cards.