Capital One Spark for Business is a line of business credit cards that lets you choose the rewards that make the most sense for your business. Each card has its own set of rewards, though, so if you change your mind about the rewards you would like, you can't change your plan.

The Capital One Spark for Business line includes Spark Cash for Business, where you earn cash back on all purchases as well as cash-back bonuses. The Spark Miles for Business cards offers two miles per dollar spent on all purchases and the chance to earn bonus miles. Spark Classic for Business offers cash back on purchases too. The great thing about these business credit cards is there's no limit to your benefits and no minimum to redeem them.

The Cash and Miles cards come in two membership levels, Classic and Select. The Classic card is designed for customers with average credit while the Select Cash and Miles cards are aimed at those with excellent credit. The Select cards offer different terms and more features. There is no annual fee after the first year with the Classic card. Select cards have no annual fee. In addition, Select cards offer cash bonuses when you spend a certain amount using the card.

If you provide your employees with a business credit card, there is no charge for additional cards. You are also covered from fraud. Each card comes with $0 fraud liability if your card is lost or stolen. Cardholders are alerted in real time via text, email or phone of any fraud attempts so the situation can be cleared up quickly.

You can contact Capital One through email and by phone, or you can check your account and pay your bill online.

Capital One Spark for Business Cards have several specialized rewards cards to choose from. If you like flexibility in the type of rewards you receive, these may not be the best choice for you because they only offer miles or cash, depending on the card you choose. On the other hand, if you have a certain type of reward you're looking for, one of these cards can help you accrue points quickly.