Pros / GreenDot has a nationwide network of ATMs you can use without paying a fee.

Cons / This card doesn't offer a savings account as part of its services.

 Verdict / GreenDot is a card that offers options to reduce the amount of fees you pay but lacks other features.

GreenDot is a prepaid debit card that you can purchase online or in retail stores. We rated it well for its flexibility with fees and other charges but found it lacking in some features. This card is available in both VISA and Mastercard and can be used wherever those cards are accepted.

As with most of the reloadable prepaid debit cards we reviewed, GreenDot charges you a monthly fee to use the card. It waives the fee if you add a certain amount to your account or make a certain number of transactions each month.

ATM fees are common with prepaid debit cards. GreenDot has a large ATM network, with over 22,000 participating ATMs that are free to use for GreenDot cardholders. There is still a fee for out of network ATMs, and you are charged for using an ATM to look up your balance and to convert foreign purchases.

When you sign up for your GreenDot card, you can elect to sign up for a VIP Membership. This will require another monthly fee in addition to the standard fee. Benefits of VIP Membership include free access to out-of-network ATMs, priority customer service and expedited delivery of replacement cards.

GreenDot doesn’t require a credit check to sign up. This card has no impact on your credit. You can monitor you transactions and receive updates through text alerts, the GreenDot website or a smartphone app. You can also use your GreenDot account to pay your bills online.

This card has many options for adding funds to your account. In addition to direct deposit and bank transfers, you can also add money at the register of participating retailers. You can also reload by check at Walmart.

There are different maximum balances on your card depending on if you add funds by cash or by direct deposit. There is also a maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit that is on the lower side of all the cards we reviewed.

GreenDot's website features a detailed FAQs section that provides many details about the fees and funding options available to you. You can also contact GreenDot through email or over the phone. If you sign up for a VIP membership, your phone calls will get priority attention.

  • Monthly Service Fee
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Daily Cash Limit
  • Maximum Card Balance
  • ATM Balance Inquiry
  • Daily Direct Deposit Limit
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit
  1. The monthly cost of owning the card
    Money (less is better)
  2. 6  GreenDot
    5.95 Dollars
  3. 1  Mango
    3.0 Dollars
  4. 2  Kaiku
    3.0 Dollars
  5. 5.0 Dollars
  6. Category Average
    5.32 Dollars


GreenDot is prepaid debit card that ranks strongly for the fees and charges it offers. It has a large network of ATMs that you can use for free. The monthly fee is waived if you meet certain deposit or transaction thresholds. This card doesn't have a savings account or other features that stronger cards have.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Funding Options

Add Money: Bank Transfer
Add Money: MoneyPak
Add Money: Direct Deposit
Add Money: Western Union
Maximum Card Balance
Daily Cash Deposit Limit
Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit
Daily Direct Deposit Limit

Fees & Charges

ATM Withdrawal
$0 in network, $2.50 out of network
International ATM Withdrawal
Vendor does not disclose
Monthly Service Fee
International Conversion Fee
ATM Balance Inquiry
Close Account Fee
Vendor does not disclose
Paper Statement
Card Replacement


No Credit Check
Text Alerts
Online Account Management
Smartphone App
Savings Account
Rewards Program
Online Bill Pay

Help & Support