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Pros / This company offers great educational resources on topics related to credit and finances.

Cons / In our experience, the customer service offered by CreditRepair.com is lacking.

 Verdict / CreditRepair.com has many of the features we looked for in our review, but its poor customer service, low advertised results and high price kept it from ranking higher in our review.

CreditRepair.com is a credit repair service with many useful program features and good educational resources. However, it is more expensive than some other services we reviewed, and it doesn't advertise as much of a credit point increase as other services.

We reached out to this CreditRepair.com multiple times on various days to test its customer service. This company was unresponsive to email, but we were able to reach representatives over the phone most of the time. The information we received from these representatives was transparent and matched the information we found on its website. Because of the company's unresponsiveness to email, as well as the fact that representatives didn't follow up with us, this credit repair business received a relatively low customer service score.

We awarded CreditRepair.com with a high education score due to the number of educational topics available on its website, as well as its helpful blog. We recommend using these tools to help you understand credit and finances so that you can learn how to get back in control of your finances.

This credit repair company charges a monthly fee for its service. At the time of this review, CreditRepair.com charges $99.95 a month, which is one of the more expensive monthly fees in our review. If you sign up with someone else as a couple, you each receive $50 off the first payment, for a total of $100 off. Other companies we reviewed offer a better discount for couples.

There is no separate setup fee to use this service. The company pulls your credit report for you, and at the time of this review, the fee for this service is one payment of $14.99. There are no additional fees on top of the monthly fee and pull credit report fee. However, CreditRepair.com does not offer a money-back guarantee unlike many of the other services we reviewed.

The time you spend in this credit repair program varies based on your situation, but the average amount of time spent in CreditRepair.com's program is typically four months, with most clients receiving a 40-point credit score increase, which is lower than the increase many other companies in our review advertise. Remember that your results may vary as every situation and credit report is different. Typically, this service disputes all of the items you want to challenge at once. You should begin to see results in 30 to 60 days.

CreditRepair.com offers a variety of program features that can help you with your credit repair process. It acquires your credit report for you, though you must pay a fee for this service. You can cancel your service with CreditRepair.com at any time without penalty. This company also offers to work with your creditors as well as the credit bureaus and offers monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

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CreditRepair.com doesn't offer much of a couples discount for its service and has no money-back guarantee, but it does offer most of the features we looked for in a credit repair service. However, in our testing, we found its customer service was lacking because the company was not responsive to our emails.

CreditRepair.com Visit Site