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Pros / This company provided us with the best customer service out of the companies we tested.

Cons / This is one of the more expensive companies in our review.

 Verdict / MSI Credit Solutions has many program features and great customer service, but its high prices and the fact that it disputes all of your items at once make it a middle-of-the-road option compared with the best services.

MSI Credit Solutions is a credit repair company with excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee and many of the program features we looked for in our review of this industry. You can expect to start to see results from working with this company within 30 to 45 days.

In our experience with MSI, it provided the best customer service out of all of the companies we reviewed. Its representatives were responsive and communicative. They provided accurate, consistent information and followed up with us. Plus, they were responsive to email as well as telephone calls. MSI Credit Solutions also offers some of the best supplemental credit education on its website, with nine different topics available at the time of this review plus an educational blog with more information.

We collected quotes from this credit repair service at the time of this review. Keep in mind that your quotes may vary. MSI quoted us a monthly price of $98 a month, which is one of the more expensive monthly charges in our lineup; however, if you and a partner sign up together, you receive a $29 discount and pay $69 per month each. The company does not charge a setup fee, and it offers a money-back guarantee if it does not raise your credit score by at least 50 points.

Once you and your representative from MSI Credit Solutions go over your credit report and decide which items to dispute, your representative disputes all of these items with the credit bureaus and creditors at once. This is helpful if you have only a few items to dispute, and it means you can get faster credit repair than if you disputed only a few items at a time; however, if you have a large number of negative items, disputing them all at once may not be the best practice, as their removal from your credit report may only be temporary.

MSI Credit Solutions pulls your credit report for you and offers a free consultation, so that you can talk about what this company can or cannot do for you before you commit. There's no contract involved in working with MSI, so you can cancel this service at any time. . MSI Credit works with your creditors as well as the credit bureaus.

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MSI Credit Solutions is one of the more expensive companies in our review, but it has excellent customer service and a competitive couples discount. It offers many of the program details we looked for in our review of credit repair services, though it does dispute all of your items at once, which might not be your best option depending on how many items you need to dispute.

MSI Credit Solutions Visit Site