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Pros / This company offers one of the best couples discounts of the services we reviewed.

Cons / You have to sign a contract to work with this company, so you can't cancel at any time without penalty.

 Verdict / Park View Credit has a lot to offer, including competitive pricing. However, unlike the best services, it has few educational resources and requires a contract.

Park View Credit offers credit repair services over an average period of six months and offers many of the program features we looked for in evaluating the best companies. It has competitive prices and a single point of contact for you to reach out to with any problems or concerns.

We contacted Park View Credit on multiple days at various times to test its customer service. We were able to get ahold of representatives via phone, and they provided transparent and consistent information. However, this company never followed up with us, and it was unresponsive to our email inquiries.

Park View does not offer any supplemental education to teach you how to repair your credit. However, you can peruse an educational blog, which is available on the company's website.

With most credit repair companies, you pay a monthly fee for each month you use their credit repair service. Park View Credit works slightly differently. Instead of paying a set monthly fee for as long as you need the service, Park View Credit prepares a contract for you that includes the full price you'll pay and the amount of time you'll work with the company. The total cost of credit repair with this company usually ends up to be $200 to $800, depending on what is needed to fix your credit. You can pay this all at once or split it up into monthly payments. The average length of time a client works with Park View Legal is six months, so your program could end up costing between $33 and $133 a month if you use this service for the average amount of time. On the low end, this is the cheapest of the companies in our review; on the high end, it is the most expensive. If you sign up with a partner, you each receive 40 percent off your total cost, which is one of the better discounts we saw in the industry.

This credit repair company requires a one-time setup fee of $59.95, which is on the more expensive end of setup charges. It also charges a fee to pull your credit report for you. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee.

Park View advertises that, on average, it increases credit scores by between 80 and 104 points in the typical time of six months. Remember that your results may vary. You should expect to start to see results about 45 to 60 days from the time this company begins disputing items with the credit bureaus and your creditors.

This company pulls your credit report for you, which can help save you the hassle of finding it yourself. It also offers monthly credit monitoring, but not identity theft protection. It also does not offer pay for delete negotiation and it requires a contract, so you can't cancel this service at any time. You must finish the credit repair program you set up with this company.

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Park View Credit offers an excellent couples discount and has many program features, like monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection. However, it was unresponsive to email and has little to offer in the way of supplemental education on credit repair. It's also important to note that you are locked into a contract when you choose to work with this service.

Park View Credit Visit Site