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Pros / This company has good educational resources to help you learn more about credit.

Cons / Veracity Credit doesn't offer pay for delete negotiations or credit monitoring as part of its services.

 Verdict / While this service offers some educational features and a stellar discount, it lacks many of the program features we looked for in our review.

Veracity Credit is a company that works to repair your credit in three to six months on average. It has solid educational resources to help you learn how to take back control of your finances. However, it doesn't offer as many of the program features as other credit repair companies in our review.

A strength for this credit repair company is its education offerings. It has an educational blog about credit repair, and it has some other supplemental education resources for you to peruse. At the time of this review, the educational topics included information on credit scores, errors commonly found on credit reports and your consumer rights.

We reached out to this company on various days at multiple times to test its customer service from the perspective of a potential customer. While this company was not responsive to our email inquiries, its phone support was helpful, and the company followed up with us to be sure we didn't need more help. The customer service representatives we spoke with were transparent about Veracity's practices and provided accurate, consistent information every time we spoke with them.

The price for Veracity's credit repair service for a single person ranges from $49 to $79 depending on which plan you choose, which is competitive pricing compared to the other services we reviewed. The setup fees for these plans range from $69 to $99. The higher end of this setup fee is among the most expensive we saw in our review. These prices are the prices we were quoted at the time of this review. Your quotes may vary.

The select plan and the platinum plan both offer a couples discount if you choose to sign up for credit repair with a partner. For the premium plan, one of you pays the initial enrollment fee while the other receives $30 off that fee. The cost of the platinum plan for both of you is $158 a month, at the time of this review. For the select plan, one of you pays the full setup fee while the other receives $25 off. The monthly fee is $98 a month for both of you. These are competitive couples discounts in this industry.

Veracity charges only $1.99 for a soft credit pull. There are no additional fees at the time of this review. This company does not offer a money-back guarantee.

This credit repair company disputes six to eight items on your credit report each month. On average for its clients, this usually ends up improving credit scores by 10 to 15 points every month. This company disputes items with the three main credit bureaus and with your creditors directly. Most clients use Veracity for an average of three to six months, and it generally takes between 45 and 60 days for you to start seeing results on your credit report.

You can cancel Veracity's service at any time without penalty. This service does not offer some of the extra program features the best credit repair companies provide, such as pay for delete negotiations, monthly credit monitoring or identity theft protection. Not every company in our review offers these features, but they're helpful for keeping the negative hits off your credit report.

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Veracity Credit offers high-quality educational resources, provides a good discount for couples and advertises good credit repair results. However, it is not responsive to emails and doesn't have a money-back guarantee. Also, it doesn't offer many of the program features we looked for, which could affect the quality of your credit repair service.

Veracity Credit Consultants Visit Site