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Identity Guard Review

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PROS / Identity Guard provides up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.

CONS / The credit score this service gives you is not a FICO credit score, and it may differ from the number you creditors pull.

 VERDICT / Although the scoring feature may not give you the same score as your lender will calculate, this service gathers data from all three credit bureaus so that you can be sure the information is complete.

The Identity Guard Platinum plan comes with credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring as well as many other monitoring, protection and recovery features, including lost wallet protection and identity theft insurance. Its information comes from all three credit bureaus, so you receive a much more thorough report than simply getting an annual credit report from one bureau on your own.

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With the Identity Guard Platinum plan, you get the valuable service of receiving updated credit scores every month. If there is incorrect and detrimental information that hurts your credit standing, you will know about it within a month and can quickly remedy the situation.

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This sets the Platinum plan apart, since it allows you to receive information quickly and to have the ability to keep your credit reports and scores accurate. Although Identity Guard calculates your credit score by factoring in all the credit bureau information, it utilizes a scoring model called CreditXpert. This model is different than the FICO score that many lenders look at and therefore might vary from the score a creditor pulls.

Identity Guard also provides identity theft protection services and alerts involving certain changes reported to a credit bureau. You also obtain up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage. For these reasons and more, Identity Guard is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

Credit Score & Reports

When you receive a credit report through Identity Guard, it includes information from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It is important to receive information from all three credit reporting bureaus because your creditors do not have to report information to all of these agencies. By running a credit check with all three sources, there is a higher chance that you won't be surprised by previously unknown activity when you try to obtain more credit.

You benefit enormously from this credit-monitoring service because you get report updates with scores from all three bureaus each month. This is a far smarter method of keeping an eye on your credit rating than simply using an annual credit report.

Through the Platinum package, your credit file is monitored at all three major credit bureaus every day. You receive prompt alerts if there are certain changes, such as new credit applications, credit cards, mortgages or loans taken out in your name.

This credit report service offers a helpful app for your mobile device. It delivers monitoring alerts and provides access to various services and features, such as your current credit scores. It works for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Identity Protection

Identity Guard Platinum keeps track of information not just online but also in public records that relate to you. It watches for identity theft – even instances of people trying to use your address.

Identity Guard offers one-on-one dispute and fraud support service. Its lost-wallet protection can help if your credit cards, ID or other information is lost or stolen. The identity theft insurance allows you to receive up to $1 million to cover losses due to identity theft that occur while using Identity Guard's services.

The Identity Guard Platinum plan includes additional features you may need, such as antivirus and keystroke-encryption software. You probably already have security software installed on your computer, but if you do not, this package provides many useful additional features.

Identity Guard presents a variety of plans at various costs. For an extra fee, you can sign up for identity theft protection services for children, who have unfortunately become the target of identity thieves in recent years. Child identity theft sometimes does not have immediate consequences and so can go undetected for years. Victims then encounter serious credit problems once they get older.

In addition, this credit-monitoring service provides alerts by email, text or even phone call, so there is never a chance of being uninformed if Identity Guard notices something going wrong.

Help & Support

If you run into any issues or are unsure about something involving your credit or your identity, this service provides assistance via telephone and email. You also have access to online educational materials, a blog and FAQs. Unfortunately, it does not offer live chat.


Identity Guard provides more than just a credit report, credit score and credit-monitoring service. This company also offers several types of identity-monitoring services, antivirus software and password-protection software. If you already have protection features on your computer, this service may give you more than you need. However, if you do not have such applications on your computer already, Identity Guard can be a great all-in-one service with many benefits.

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