Pros / TickQuest hosts an active and up-to-date forum for answering software questions. Compatible with MB Trading and Interactive Broker and eSignal data streams.

Cons / NeoTicker interface is separated into separate modules, unlike more current trading platforms. Software is a bit difficult to learn to use compared to other programs.

 Verdict / This day trading software works with some popular data streaming services and MB Trading, which is good, but we would like to see a more updated charting control panel.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Day Trading Software here.

NeoTicker by TickQuest is compatible with a variety of trading platforms including MB Trading and it works with data streams from eSignal, QCharts, QuoteSpeed and RealTick.

This day trading software offers a good variety of charting and drawing tools as well as the ability to run the program as a simulator.

TickQuest also offers a few other trading solutions, such as the Grid Optimizer for trade analytics, NeoTicker End-of-Day and Equity Monaco, which is a free trading simulator.

We would have liked to have seen TickQuest offer a more up-to-date charting tool with integrated modules and easier to understand icons.

NeoTicker offers a variety of pre-built groups for learning about how to use their charting tool. For example, it has quote, scan and trend examples that display how to use different indicators and formulas. It offers quite a few drawing tools for time charts and more.

As mentioned, this stock charting tool is separated into modules, so each tool is in a separate box instead of integrated into one interface like more contemporary software. The independent modules are pretty annoying, for example each window has to be minimized or closed before users can switch to another screen.

We found their day trading software charting tool a bit difficult to use, even running the first chart using the demo version proved difficult, especially in comparison to MultiCharts, which was amazingly simple.

The market information available using NeoTicker depends on the data service used. NeoTicker works with eSignal, QCharts, Morningstar and RealTick. It also works with more simplified data services including IQFeed and DTN Satellite (Telvent). Their End-of-Day products work with a few free data services including Quotes Plus.

This charting software is capable of working with MB Trading and Interactive Broker, LLC. MB Trading can be used to trade stocks, Forex, options and futures. Those that use Interactive Brokers can trade stocks, options, futures, Forex and bonds.

NeoTicker day trading software does not offer SMS alerts or mobile phone apps; however, alerts can be set to appear in a pop-up on your desktop or play audio on a PC.

TickQuest offers some information in the form of eBooks and reports, which are free but are in development. They also host a blog which covers topics from daily commentary to chart reading to general trading information. TickQuest also hosts a forum that answers questions for users fairly quickly.

For support, TickQuest offers online tutorials, a FAQs page, a blog, a forum and full user manuals. They can be contacted by email for direct support and they offer free telephone support for their customers. We would have liked to have seen toll-free support and chat support.

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NeoTicker is compatible with some popular data services and works with MB Trading. If you use this online stock trading service, you may want to investigate this stock charting tool. However, we would like to see an integrated control panel and easier to use charting tools.

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