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Pros / The education center is extensive and provides a variety of resources for all skill levels.

Cons / This company’s fees and commissions are slightly higher than other day trading platforms.

 Verdict / Scottrade’s four platforms address the needs of all skill levels, and its educational tools can help you make the right decisions regarding your trades.

Scottrade is a good option for advanced day traders. This company provides numerous resources and educational tools to help you make the best trading decisions. It boasts four trading platforms, each offering a different experience. Unfortunately, Scottrade’s fees and commissions are higher than several other day trading platforms we reviewed.

The four trading platforms each meet the needs of different kinds of investors. The Client Website is built for long-term investors. It is the most basic of the four platforms and provides staple features such as watch lists and the ability to trade stocks, ETFs and options. Scottrader, another platform option, is for active investors and traders. In addition to the features available on the Client Website, this option also allows you to stream market news and offers customization options, but these features are limited.

ScottradeELITE is for frequent traders and those who want real-time streaming quotes and screening capabilities, as well a fully customizable interface. If you are an advanced trader, ScottradePRO is your best option since it provides the largest selection of features. In addition to all the tools available on the other platforms, ScottradePRO also includes portfolio management tools and lets you customize the interface to meet your needs when trading.

These trading platforms are generally simple to use, and the customization options on a few of the platforms enhance the software even more. Unfortunately, during our testing, we found some features and processes are not so simple, such as setting up alerts and options chains, which are easy to set up with other day trading software.

Trading with Scottrade is more expensive than many of our higher-ranked companies. The set price to trade stocks online is $6.95. You can trade stocks with broker assistance and via the telephone for a significant price increase. Trading options online is $6.95, plus an additional $0.70 per contract. Option exercises and assignments are $17. However, despite these higher fees, Scottrade does offer several free services, including branch appointments, educational resources, financial calculators, charts and real-time streaming quotes.

The Scottrade knowledge center is extensive and offers numerous tools to help you make the right trading decisions. You can access articles, videos, calculators and tutorials on numerous topics. There are also how-to guides to help you fully utilize this day trading software. Furthermore, the company offers in-person and online educational events you can attend to become even more successful.

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Scottrade offers a large range of platforms to meet your specific needs. The fees and commissions are slightly higher than with other companies on our lineup, but the education center provides a wide mix of tools for traders of all experience levels.

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