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Tradecision Review

PROS / Tradecision's charting tools are easy to customize.

CONS / You have to either lease the software for $99.95 per month or buy it for over $1195.

 VERDICT / Tradecision's stock management software is best suited for professional investors who need the most advanced charting tools.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


Tradecision is robust stock software with excellent charting and analytical tools. However, this stock software may be too much for most users. With its high price, Tradecision is geared towards professional investors who need the most sophisticated management tools, not casual users who wants to buy and sell stock from their computers. You can choose between leasing the software for $99.95 per month or buying it for at least $1195. If you want to get your stock information in real time, you'll have to buy Tradecision Professional Real Time suite for $1595.

Tradecision has very powerful charting and analytical tools, and its interface is intuitive for all users. You can create and edit charts with a few clicks, and when you are ready, you can save your charts into several different file formats. You can add studies, lines, indicators, text, colors, chart grids and time frames to any chart you create.

This stock management software lacks a few portfolio tools. The alert and watch lists lack functionality, and you cannot generate a historical profit and loss report within your stock portfolios, adding an extra step to your analysis.

As stock tracking software, Tradecision allows you to monitor trends, volatility, price momentum and market strengths. You can set up analytical reports based on your preferences. Unfortunately, unless you buy the Real Time version of the software, your reports will always generate based on the previous day's market.

Tradecision helps you develop a successful investment strategy through several testing features. For example, the Strategy Builder tool measures the risk and reward of your trading systems based on historical data. Another powerful tool is the Money Management Editor, which calculates your position size with the help of several formulas. Finally, you can create neural models within your trading strategies without any mathematical or programming knowledge. Many of Tradecision's tools are simple to utilize and launch.

Tradecision offers a forum for users to ask questions and offer help. If you want direct help, you can reach customer service by telephone and live chat.


Tradecision is robust stock software for professional investors. It has several interesting tools, but if you want to simply buy and sell stock from your computer, Tradecision will not meet your needs.