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BlueSky Auto Finance Review

PROS / This service provides funding for cars as old as 1993, the oldest of any service we reviewed.

CONS / BlueSky doesn't provide any tools to help you shop for cars.

 VERDICT / BlueSky is a broker that connects you with dealerships but doesn't offer any resources to shop for cars or repay loans.

BlueSky Auto Finance is an auto loan service that matches borrowers with bad credit with lenders willing to provide them with financing necessary to buy a car. BlueSky is a broker that connects you with dealers but not financial institutions.

BlueSky Auto Finance

Each auto loan service we reviewed was evaluated on how easy it is to apply for loans through its service. BlueSky received an 80 percent on our score; it allows you apply online and documents for your loan can be signed electronically. Additional documentation is usually required, but it can vary depending on what dealer you chose. Most often, you are required to present your driver's license and proof of insurance when signing loan documents. BlueSky has the longest pre-approval time of the services we reviewed; it can take up to 72 hours to learn if you're pre-approved for funding.

BlueSky matches you with a number of dealers in your area. There are benefits to using a broker to find your car loan, chief among them is opportunity to choose from between multiple offers. This is diminished by the fact that BlueSky only connect your with offers from local dealers. We consider the flexibility and versatility of each service as an important factor, and loan offers from dealerships don't provide you with the same ability to take those loans and shop around.

When you apply for a loan through BlueSky, you receive offers from both franchised and independent dealerships but not from private sellers. Since BlueSky is a broker, the restrictions on the mileage vary, but you can receive approval to buy a car as old as 1993. This puts BlueSky far ahead of the other services on our review in terms of the age of cars you can buy, giving you a much broader selection to choose from.

BlueSky has high-quality customer service, receiving a 100 percent on our customer service score, which evaluates each service on how responsive and helpful its customer service is. BlueSky offers support through both phone and email. It is quick to respond to email, and the reps we spoke to on the phone explained their service and offered in-depth answers to our questions.


BlueSky Auto Finance is an auto loan service and broker that provides you with offers from local dealers. Since it works primarily with dealers, its loans aren't as flexible as other services, but you can get loans on older cars with BlueSky.

BlueSky Auto Finance