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Pros / Delray's strengths are in its numerous articles on credit counseling.

Cons / This company's website makes it difficult to find what you're looking for.

 Verdict / When learning about finances and how to stay out of debt, this is a service worth checking out.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Payday Loan Consolidation Services here.

Delray Credit Counseling concentrates more on counseling and instruction than on payday loan consolidation. Among other offerings, the website has free credit counseling for all comers, not just enrollees of its services. Its web content includes many subjects that will be valuable to any consumer trying to be financially responsible, not just those looking to consolidate payday loans.

Delray Credit Counseling's website spells out some of the alternatives to consolidation or settlement. It gets some credibility points by not being heavily invested in persuading you to use its services if you can find a better way of resolving your situation. Since payday loan consolidation can be a last resort, having a list of alternative routes is extremely helpful to those mired in debt. After talking to so many companies that press to close every sale, it was refreshing to experience an organization centered around helping its customers be informed and responsible.

The website's design is jumbled and difficult to follow. If Delray spent some effort better organizing its information and offerings, it would earn a higher mark in our evaluation.

Delray Credit Counseling's central focus is on negotiating lower interest rates with your payday lenders and getting them to cut late fees and put you on a reasonable monthly payment schedule with affordable minimums. The company charges a monthly fee and also obtains a commission from payday lenders for ensuring that payments continue to roll in.

Clients of Delray have online access to an account that they pay into and that will be used to pay off their payday loans on a reasonable schedule. The account information is secured by SSL encryption and daily McAfee Secure testing. Once the debts are paid off, you may still use the company's debt counseling tools to stay fiscally responsible.

The website contains a great deal of information about solving and preventing debt problems. You can use it to learn about finance charges, credit reports and scores, and responsible budgeting. There are links to informational resources about mortgages, taxes and many other financial topics. There is a wealth of money advice waiting to be absorbed. And anyone can use it, not just enrollees of the payday loan consolidation program.

Delray Credit Counseling's support staff is encouraging and well-informed. They can help via telephone or email.

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Delray Credit Counseling's debt management service could be an invaluable help in getting your payday loans under control. While the design of the site is more confusing than some of its creditors, it offers solid financial advice in preventing future loan debt from surfacing.

Delray Credit Counseling Visit Site