GiveForward is a fundraising site designed to help people. This service focuses on inspiring compassion in others to support a good cause.

GiveForward is a unique fundraising website in that it assigns a personal coach to every campaign that uses its services. The coach – who is a real person, not a computer – provides support and guidance throughout the life of your fundraiser. You can contact your coach via email or phone.

This fundraiser website focuses on compassion-based campaigns. It works best for medical expenses, funeral or memorial funds, out-of-pocket living costs that are related to an injury or illness, and bucket lists linked with a terminal illness.

GiveForward connects easily with email and social media to help you spread your fundraiser to your family, friends and people all over the world. This site allows you to connect with other people as Team Members. Your team members can post photos and updates and share your campaign with their social networks, broadening the outreach of your fundraiser.

This service offers two different supporting options for your sponsors. A contributor can offer donations or they can offer hugs. Hugs are words of encouragement for the person for whom you're fundraising. These words of encouragement, and a record of all donations, will remain on your fundraising page forever. After your deadline is over and your fundraiser closes, a custom book with a record of your gifts and hugs will be available for you to order and purchase. GiveForward also offers money from its Community Fund to help you with your cause.

It is free to begin your campaign, but, like most online fundraising, GiveForward exacts a fee for its services and a fee for credit card processing. GiveForward has no goal requirement, so if you don't meet your goal you will still have access to all of your funds. You can withdraw your money as soon as it is donated to your cause. GiveForward is mobile friendly and has a free mobile app.

GiveForward has a unique platform and focuses on compassion-oriented, personal campaigns. It is a solid option for individual fundraisers.

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