Razoo is a fundraising site that focuses on nonprofit organizations. Razoo also offers services for charitable fundraisers for individuals or teams, and personal fundraisers for almost anything. It has a variety of features to match the needs of several different types of campaigns.

Razoo is free to start and has no monthly fees. It does charge a transaction fee of 4.9% plus credit card processing fees for each donation you receive. These rates are competitive in this industry. This fundraising website allows you to make customized thank you videos so that you can personally connect with your donors. To further serve you and your supporters, Razoo also shows donation tiers on your fundraising page. These tiers help your donors know what kind of difference their donation is making in your campaign, and they help you know what kinds of donations you're receiving. For lower fees, we recommend using YouCaring, our top value pick, because it only charges credit card processing fees and all your money goes straight to your campaign.

A special feature of Razoo is its Giving Day, a 24-hour competition inside of your community. Nonprofit organizations and other groups from the same community register in the Giving Day and compete against each other for the highest amount of donations within a 24-hour period. Razoo offers Giving Day training that will help you promote your fundraiser and reach out to supporters via email, social media and other avenues. Donors can contribute money throughout the Giving Day, or they can schedule in advance donations to be applied to the Giving Day. After the day is over, Razoo distributes the money to the appropriate groups. All participating parties are eligible for prizes and promotion opportunities as a result of this competition.

This online fundraising site is mobile friendly, so you can easily browse campaigns or work with your own. Donation widgets are available to upload and pin to your various websites, blogs and social media pages. Razoo also provides webinars and a list of fundraising ideas to help you throughout your campaign. If you need more help with your campaign, consider using Classy, our top pick for charities. Classy gives you advanced tracking features and can even integrate with Google Analytics.

Razoo's strong focus on nonprofit organizations and use of the Giving Day competition gives it an edge for community-based fundraisers. It offers many features and helpful services, making it a strong contender in the fundraising industry.