Bird watching can be done pretty much anywhere, from the beaches of Southern California to the rivers and woodlands of upstate New York. There are weather conditions to consider, and how wide the range of view you will be covering when you go bird watching. For instance, if you have a wide vista of space in the area where you go bird watching, you will want a pair of binoculars with a very wide field of view.

Thinking about what kind of weather conditions you are in during your bird watching will be tremendously helpful in making an educated buying decision. If you are sometimes in intensely cold or warm conditions, you will want to make sure you get a nitrogen-infused pair. That will help the lenses keep clear without foggy interference. Thermal binoculars will also help with temperature concerns.

If you are on a budget, you will want binoculars that will give you good use without straining your finances. Polycarbonate housing is strong and inexpensive in comparison to many other housing types.

You might also be thinking about what kind of amenities most binoculars offer. The best birding binoculars should be tripod adaptable. They should have caps for all lenses, a carrying strap, and a case, particularly if you plan to hike long distances to get to a particularly good bird-watching location. Even though many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, it would be tragic to damage your binoculars mid-vacation and be left with a non-working pair when you need them more than ever.

Many resources and websites are available to help you decide which binoculars are best, including Another site,, has excellent tips on how to look for birds, identify them, and purchase the right equipment for bird watching. One step-by-step guide on binoculars from the site will be particularly helpful, and it can be found here:

One pair from our lineup that will be good for any bird watcher is the Pentax DCF CS 8x42. It comes with great accessories, such as the carrying strap and bag; it is not heavy or unusually large; and it has support services if you feel like you may need some extra help in getting them up to snuff for your bird-watching trip.

Having the best binoculars for bird watching will make your experiences all the more enjoyable, and educating yourself on how to get them will make you better informed about your equipment in general.

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