In the past there have been exercise products that track your body’s stats such as calories burned, heart rate and workout time. Popular GPS products have offered details such as area maps, your miles per hour, and voice prompts for navigation. Current bike GPS units now have the benefits of both devices in a single unit. There are several reasons why an avid cyclist would want a road bike GPS unit. Whether you participate in races or ride on the weekend for enjoyable exercise, a GPS unit can improve your performance and help you stay safe.

1- Course Information
Whether you want to track course information for yourself or to share with other cyclists, road bike GPS units make that a possibility. When cycling with a GPS unit you can chart your course and then upload it to your computer to spend time analyzing it yourself, or for easy internet upload to share it with teammates, friends and fellow cyclists. Some cycling GPS manufacturers provide forums where cyclists can upload their routes and view other cyclists’ favorite routes from a variety of locations. You will see altitude changes, climbs, descents and total distance of the course so you know what to be prepared for. It’s a great way to keep track of where you have gone or to learn something new from a fellow cyclist.

2- Evidence
We all know accidents happen. In races, it’s typically between two cyclists. But what happens when it’s between a cyclist and a car. We hope none of you ever have to face that, and if you already have, we feel for you. Hopefully you had a bike GPS strapped to your handlebars. Through our research we learned about the rare occasions when a driver won’t take responsibility for their negligence. If you are biking and are hit by a car, chances are your bike will be damaged and you could also sustain personal injured. If the driver doesn't take responsibility you will need some sort of evidence to prove a vehicle was involved. This is where your bike GPS comes into play. Your GPS unit can show the police where you traveled, when you stopped and what time you hit each point. With your road bike GPS you have the evidence that you need to retrace your course.

3- Health
If you are trying to lose weight or trying to monitor your heart rate, a cycling GPS could be the perfect solution. The road bike GPS units we reviewed offer features for monitoring your energy level, body fat, water percentage and heart rate. Based on your course and energy exertion, your cycling GPS will let you know how many calories you have burned throughout your ride as well as the water level percentage your body is at. It will also monitor your heart rate and display it on screen, if you desire. With a top-of-the-line GPS system for cycling you can monitor your health and achieve your fitness goals.

4- Team Competition
Riding with a team is an excellent way to motivate yourself to do better, especially if you all have a biking GPS. Whether you ride alone or with others, your bike GPS will allow you to follow the same course and compare final stats to see where each rider stands. Sharing your GPS information gives you the opportunity to have discussions on the course and on different strengths and weaknesses that the team would like to focus on.

5- Self Improvement
Because you can store course information within some cycling GPS units, you have the ability to retrace your steps and compare stats from an earlier ride to your current ride. You can view your stats regarding speed, heart rate and elevation to visually reflect on your training and improvements. Set goals and make sure you reach them by analyzing your data after each ride. As you properly use these bike GPS tools you will see how easy it is to stay on track while striving to become a better cyclist.

There are several design features that need to be in place for a GPS to become a cycling-specific GPS unit. These design features include a combination of the health and navigation capabilities, an outdoor-safe exterior and a lightweight, compact design with a usable screen and intuitive button placement. There are many bike GPS units that offer all the benefits a biker could need; other more simple cycling GPS units only offer a select few features. Decide what you want out of your road bike GPS unit and we'll help you find the right product for your needs. Check out our side-by-side bike GPS comparison to see the top cycling GPS products and why they topped the rest.

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