Binoculars are great instruments that allow us to see farther. They are used for all kinds of activities and sports. The main uses are nature and bird watching, hunting, stargazing, boating and observing sporting events like races and football games. On the other hand, there are many cases where binoculars aren't needed and are even a hindrance. As helpful as they may seem for perhaps most situations, there are some, however, where they just don't fit. What are those things you ask? Well, here is the top 10 list of things we came up with that have no use for binoculars. There are others but we figured these were perfect examples.

Boxers   Boxing is a sport most people are familiar with. It's a sport that requires speed, power and endurance. Binoculars are something that probably not only are unneeded but would also be a hindrance. The image we choose to put with this is a great example of when it would be a hindrance for sure. That little guy probably only ever saw the guys fists and waist the entire fight as is. If you would have given him binoculars it would have only made it worse. We didn't actually test the theory but it's probably safe to say that binoculars will not help you see the punches coming any better. We don't recommend that you try it either because it's probably also safe to assume that you will get pummeled if you do.

Cavers   Caving is also called spelunking by some and is a recreational pastime of many people. The idea is to find these caves and go explore them. Caves can be quite basic but can also be a winding twisting maze that gives cavers lots to explore and discover. Caves have various levels of difficulty so it is important to only do ones that are appropriate for your level of skill and ones that you have the proper equipment for. Caving can be quite dangerous if these two requisites aren't met.

One piece of equipment you will probably never see in a cave is binoculars. Even with the whole group running around with flashlights, binoculars are still silly to use because it's dark and most caves aren't exactly straight so needing to see any distance worthy of binocular use is probably out of the question.

Psychics   Psychics are people that profess the ability to perceive hidden information. This ability is called extrasensory perception and has been professed by many for hundreds of years. These people have used many forms to tap into the world parapsychological phenomena including crystal balls, tarot cards, stars and even people's own palms.

Whether you believe in extrasensory perception or not, we have to admit that the ability to perceive things and events with your mind definitely negates the need to use binoculars. What psychic would need to use binoculars to search for a deer or elk when they can mentally feel the world around them and probably just point at the nearest one? They could use them if they wanted but there is no need.

Eagles   These large birds of prey come from the family of birds called Accipitridae. There are more than 60 species of eagles, most of which can be found in the European, Asian and African regions of the world. There are only a little over a dozen that are spread out through the rest of the world. Wherever you go though, eagles are a symbol of power and honor. They are commonly found on the coat of arms of many countries all around the world.

Eagles are a powerful and proud class of birds but they are also known for something else and that is their amazing vision. Eagles have built binoculars so they have no use for a pair of ours. They have to ability to see details and the movement of small prey for miles around them.

Spiders   These creepy little crawlers are not particularly liked by a vast majority of people. Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias for us as human beings. Obviously, no one likes being bit but there is probably more to it than that. Maybe it is their nature or way of life. They are usually found in darker places, which automatically puts many people in a less comfortable state. Also, most people don t really enjoy having little things crawling on them. Another theory may be the multiple eyes. Looking at this image might be a bit unsettling for a lot of people and even cause their stomachs to turn.

Whatever the case may be, that many eyes just wouldn't work well with binoculars. It'd probably be like us looking through a telescope with one eye, while trying to see out the other eye at the same time. Talk about messing with your brain.

Bats   We know you're probably thinking that we choose this flying mammal because of the common phrase "blind as a bat." It is true that something blind would have no use for binoculars but that isn't the reason in this case. Mostly it's because bats aren't actually blind. It is only a myth that bats can't see.

Bats are apparently quite misunderstood creatures because there are a number of bat myths. The other main ones are the belief that bats suck people's blood and that they commonly get tangled in hair. The hair one goes along with the blind thing really. Bats have no reason to potentially hurt themselves by getting caught in someone's hair. They see fine so they're not going to accidently get stuck.

The real reason that bats have no use for binoculars is that they primarily see with echolocation. This is a highly sophisticated way to get around. Echolocation is the use of sound to locate objects, like sonar. Since bats rely primarily on sound to get around, what good are binoculars?

Rock   Rocks are mostly just minerals that have been melted and/or compacted together. There are three basic types of rock. The first are igneous rocks, which are the ones that come from molten magma. The second are sedimentary rocks, which are formed from by compaction and cementation. The third ones are metamorphic rocks are sort of a combination of the first two. Metamorphic rock is formed by high temperatures and pressure.

For fairly obvious reasons, rocks and binoculars don t really fit together. If you've never noticed, rocks don't have eyes so there really isn't much use for it to use binoculars. You could lay your binoculars on a rock but then it's the binoculars using the rock and not vice versa.

Cyclops   The Cyclops started in Greek mythology and eventually made its way into Roman mythology. The myth was that these one eyed giants played quite important roles in the turning tides of power on Mount Olympus. They even created a few key weapons that most people are familiar with, the lightning bolts of Zeus, the Trident of Poseidon, Hades helmet of invisibility and the bows and arrows of Artemis and Apollo.

Since they are a one eyed creature with a mean disposition, giving them a pair of binoculars would not only be useless to them but would probably earn you a one-way trip to Hades, if they understood the pun. For that reason, should you ever come across a Cyclops and happen to have a giant pair of binoculars, this course of action isn't recommended, despite how funny you think it may be.

Tyrannosaurus Rex   Tyrannosaurus comes from the Greek words tyrannos and sauros, meaning tyrant lizard. Fossils date these tyrannical lizards back to over 65 million years and are probably one of the largest land predators to ever live. Although they don't live in our time, they and other dinosaurs have influenced our culture in many ways.

Some may jump to the conclusion that the reason the Tyrannosaurus rex has no use for binoculars because they're too small. Thanks to Disney and their movie "Meet the Robinsons" we have the real reason. There is no way for those little arms to hold binoculars up to the eyes on that big head.

Chuck Norris   Chuck Norris and his famous roundhouse kick have made him a legend almost. We're not sure who started the lengthy string of Chuck Norris "facts" or why but if you read them, he apparently doesn't need anything, let alone binoculars. The man can overcome any obstacle and accomplish impossible feats. It is even said that he is the reason that there is no life on Mars and other such things.

To go along with such "facts" we decided to come up with one for why he obviously has no use for binoculars. The winner was "Chuck Norris doesn't need binoculars because he already has you in his sights."

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