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The Esky Crank Radio is compact and has a decent hand crank, but it did not fare well in our reception tests compared to the best crank radios. It also had the worst charge time in our test group &nda


The RunningSnail MD-090 has many of the same features as the best crank radios we tested like a solar charger, USB charging port and disposable battery backup. Those useful features, along with its ef

Best Solar Ovens Review

Solar technology is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. Much of your home, and many things in your life, can now be powered with the use of solar technology, including how you cook your me

How to Choose the Best Camping Axe

Camping axes have come a long way. Modern materials and creative design have transformed them from a simple blade to a multipurpose tool that's easy to carry even on a challenging hike. As a result, t

Treeline Outdoors

The Treeline Outdoors Buckeye Hatchet is a cool-looking camping axe with a fun origin story. This hatchet is made from steel reclaimed from the Canadian Pacific Railway, forged into a neat tomahawk-st


Unlike appliances that seem designed for obsolescence, there's no reason a good camping axe can't last years or even generations. The Wetterlings line of axes is an excellent investment, because with


Sometimes, you want a camping axe that's an axe. The CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk is a hardy, tomahawk-style camp axe with an impressive 19-inch handle that works for two-handed swings or one-handed swipe

Klecker Knives

The Klecker Knives KLAX Lumberjack might give you some pause at first because it does not come with a handle, but this unique camping axe is the real deal when it comes to useful tools with cutting ed

Gransfors Bruks

If you go on camping axe forums, you may see comments like, "I wish I could afford a Gransfors." It is indeed one of the most expensive camp axes in our lineup. However, if you are into ultr

Outdoor Edge

At first glance, this camping axe may seem more like a toy than a tool, and at 10 inches and 1.2 pounds, it's easy for younger campers to handle – with adult supervision, of course. However, don


If your camping adventures involve more than setting up a few tents and a friendly fire after a long hike, you may want a camping hatchet that makes short work of chopping. The OKC SP-16 SPAX, dubbed


If you're looking for a reasonably inexpensive camping axe that nonetheless can handle a multitude of jobs, the Gerber 14-inch hatchet is both sturdy and provides excellent penetration for cutting woo


The key feature for Estwing axes is durability. Estwing is a no-nonsense brand that favors strong construction and usability over fancy features. Estwing is a trusted name among roofers and other trad

SOG Survival Hawk

The key attribute for the SOG Survival Hawk is "Utility," but this light and durable camping axe has a lot more going for it as well. This tomahawk is made for survival, so it incorporates s

Kelty Tru.Comfort 29

Not everyone needs a high-end sleeping bag capable of keeping you toasty in the extreme cold. If you’re looking for a versatile yet economical sleeping bag with some nice features, the Kelty Tru

Big Agnes Summit Park 15

If you are you a big person who needs a big sleeping bag, the Big Agnes Summit Park 15 can give you a comfortable sleep even in the coldest temperatures. Active Junky tested this sleeping bag on multi

Slumberjack Country Squire 20

The Slumberjack Country Squire 20 is not a great choice for taking on a backpacking trip, but if you are interested in comfort when car camping or where bulk and weight are not a concern, it’s a

The North Face Blue Kazoo

If your backpacking season stretches from early spring to late fall, the TNF Kazoo is a good choice for a three-season sleeping bag that keeps you toasty in temperatures well below freezing. This 15-d

REI Flash

The REI Flash is a mummy sleeping bag that packs small and light, making it a great choice for long backpacking trips. It has a comfortable design that minimizes bulk while still being roomy enough fo

Brooks-Range Drift 20

While weight and volume are important considerations for a backpacking sleeping bag, comfort and warmth can mean the difference between a great experience and a not-so-pleasant “challenge.&rdquo

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