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Pros / The Vanguard Endeavor ED has a small minimum distance, which allows you to see fine details when viewing birds, plants or insects.

Cons / Some of our survey participants found that the images were not very clear.

 Verdict / The Vanguard Endeavor ED is easy to focus, but you might not have a clear view.

One important aspect when choosing the best binoculars is the magnification, or how close objects will appear to you. The Vanguard Endeavor ED binoculars, with their 10x magnification, are considered low-powered. This makes them best for outdoor activities like birdwatching.

The Vanguard Endeavor ED has large objective lenses of 42 millimeters to produce bright images. However, these binoculars didn't produce as high a quality of images as other binoculars we reviewed. In the survey we conducted, participants evaluated the optical quality of each pair of binoculars. Some participants found that the images they got with the Vanguard were not very clear and were blurry around the ring.

These binoculars have a minimum distance of 2.5 meters, which is the distance to the closest point you can see in focus. With this small minimum distance, these binoculars are ideal for seeing the fine details when you're birdwatching or looking at other wildlife.

Participants in our survey did find the Vanguard Endeavor ED easy to use and focus. With the central focusing knob, you can quickly adjust both lenses at the same time. If one of your eyes is weaker than the other, you can use the diopter feature to adjust the lenses individually. These binoculars also have twist-up eyecups, making them easy for eyeglass wearers to use.

The binoculars weigh 25.8 ounces, which is just under the average weight of 26 ounces for the binoculars we reviewed. When bird watching or using them for another activity for an extended time, you can mount them to a tripod, which you purchase separately.

Vanguard offers a lifetime warranty, like the manufacturers of all the binoculars we reviewed. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. However, you aren't covered for damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear.

If you have questions about your binoculars, you can reach the manufacturer via email or by telephone. There's no live chat or FAQs page for getting answers to quick questions while you're on the Vanguard website.

  • Magnification
  • Objective Lens
  • Exit Pupil
  • Field of View
  1. The power at which the viewing field is magnified.
    More is better.
  2. 9  Vanguard Endeavor
    10.0 X
  3. 12.0 X
  4. 10.0 X
  5. 8.0 X
  6. Category Average
    10.65 X


The Vanguard Endeavor ED is a good set of binoculars with a 10x magnification that makes them ideal for birdwatching or the trail. These birdwatching binoculars also have a small minimum distance to make it easy to see fine details. Although participants found them easy to use, the lack of high-quality images keeps the binoculars from receiving a higher rating.

Vanguard Endeavor ED 1042 Visit Site