The Ambient Weather Adventurer is an emergency crank radio with a list of features as long as a husband's to-do list. It comes with five separate charging methods, several input jacks and a solar panel that charges the device faster than many other crank radios. This solar emergency radio can help you in an emergency, and it can even keep you entertained on a long backpacking trip.

Charging this capable crank radio can be done in five ways: from a USB device, wall outlet, DC or car charger, hand crank or the solar panel. When you crank it for one minute, you get 20 minutes of operation with this device. And when fully charged, it can last up to six hours. It is quite efficient when it comes to charging. Solar charging still takes 8-10 hours for a full charge, but if you aren't pressed for time, charging it outside during the day is perfectly adequate.

What we loved about this crank radio is it not only has several ports, but there are a multitude of wires included with it as well. It seems like for every device you have, whether it is a cell phone, tablet or MP4 player, they have a port and a wire for it. The manual even has charging tips for your devices.

The Adventurer includes a three-LED flashlight that is surprisingly energy efficient. The charge indicator will warn you when a charge is dwindling and it's time to crank it up again. Also, an alert indicator flashes when bad weather is approaching. Most other emergency radios have a large flashing light and a siren to signal bad weather, and we'd like to see Ambient Weather add these features in the future.

When we initially saw this weather radio, we thought it might be difficult to hold the device while trying to charge it or use the flashlight. In fact, the small size actually makes it much easier to use. It is small enough to fit into any size pack, even a purse, and it has an outer rubberized casing that allows it to take some tumbles. The size makes it easy to grip or even throw at an attacking wild animal.

Ambient Weather has a one-year warranty on this device, which seems like the standard warranty length they offer. The website is very effective at giving you the information you need about the Adventurer. You can download a manual from their site. If you need to contact their customer support, you can use the live chat feature on their website or you can call or email them.

Ambient Weather Adventurer Summary:

If you are looking for a tool that can provide you with power and information during an emergency, the Ambient Weather Adventurer can do just that. Its rugged and efficient design, coupled with several ports and numerous charging methods, make this a crank radio that you can count on in an emergency.

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Ambient Weather Adventurer

The Adventurer has five separate charging methods, allowing it to charge in almost any scenario.

The warning feature doesn't have any sound, just a tiny flashing light.

The Verdict
: 7.63/10

The Adventurer has a design that is boiled down and useful for the craggy outdoors. Don't be afraid to take this crank radio on any unexpected adventures.