Pros / Weighing just 10.6 ounces, it's one of the lightest crank radios available.

Cons / The hand crank only produces one minute and 13 seconds of battery life after two minutes of cranking.

 Verdict / The Midland ER210 is one of the smallest emergency radios available, making it an excellent addition to camping and backpacking equipment, but the hand crank is below average.

The Midland ER210 is one of the smallest crank radios available. It receives NOAA weather alerts and all AM and FM stations with a digital tuner. The hand crank and the reception quality in all conditions tested below average, but its Cree LED is among the brightest crank radio lights, and the maximum volume is above average. While it's not a great radio for entertainment purposes, it's a good addition to an emergency preparedness kit and camping equipment.

The radio’s biggest downside is its inefficient hand crank, which only produced an average of one minute and 13 seconds of battery life in our tests after two minutes of cranking. In this test, we drained the battery and cranked the generator for two minutes, using a metronome to maintain a two revolutions per second speed. For comparison, the best crank radio produced over 13 minutes of battery life in the same test. This deficiency is magnified by the fact that the radio doesn't take disposable batteries, which means that you have to rely on the internal rechargeable battery.

In our tests, the rechargeable battery took four hours and 26 minutes to reach a full charge when plugged into an outlet, which is above average. When we played the radio continuously at full volume, it had a battery life of eight hours and 13 minutes, which is also above average. You can charge the battery via the hand crank, a USB port and the solar panel.

Its reception quality received a B in the AM and backcountry tests and a B-plus in the FM test. This means the overall comparative reception quality is decent but not great. However, the NOAA weather band reception is just as good as it is with the best weather radio we tested, which makes the ER210 a good addition to an emergency preparedness kit and camping gear.

At 10.6 ounces, the ER210 is one of the lightest and smallest crank radios available. While it doesn't have water-resistant casing like the best crank radios, the casing has impact-resistant rubber and a solid-formed handle. You can easily tie it to a backpack or slip it into a pocket without any trouble. In addition, its Cree LED flashlight is one of the brightest we saw in our reviews, and it features a Morse code beacon setting.

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  • Two-Minute Crank Test
  • Charge Time
  • Battery Life
  • Maximum Volume
  1. The average amount of battery life provided by two minutes of cranking.
    More is better.
  2. 7  Midland ER210
    1.0 Minutes
  3. 13.0 Minutes
  4. 9.0 Minutes
  5. 6.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    5.11 Minutes


The Midland ER210 is a small crank radio with a solar panel. The hand crank didn't test well, producing an average of only one minute and 13 seconds of battery life with two minutes of cranking the generator. The reception quality is subpar for AM and FM in both city and backcountry settings, but the weather band reception is good. As a weather radio, it's a good addition to an emergency survival kit.

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