Every year, football fans who can't afford tickets to the big game gather around their televisions or throw epic parties to celebrate the Super Bowl, America s biggest annual sporting event. We have a list of gadgets, sites and services to help you get the most out of watching the NFL championship, whether you re at home or going to the game itself.

Every year, football fans who can't afford tickets to the big game gather around their televisions or throw epic parties to celebrate the Super Bowl, America s biggest annual sporting event. We have a list of gadgets, sites and services to help you get the most out of watching the NFL championship, whether you re at home or going to the game itself.

Sony Bravia 55-inch HDTV

The best way to watch the big game is on the best possible HDTV, right? LED technology delivers a bright, clear picture and the colors are outstanding and vivid. The very best LED 1080p unit is the Sony Bravia 55-inch HDTV (XBR55HX929), which features a 960 Hz refresh rate, a contrast ratio of infinite, brilliant colors and picture, along with excellent sound. It s also a very thin HDTV at only 1.5 inches. There are larger versions available in the Sony Bravia LED HDTV lineup, but this model combines a great size with the right price.


2. Surround Sound
Blackstone TL1600

While many HDTVs include excellent sound from dual speakers, you re not getting the absolute best audio with just your TV speakers. That s where home theater speakers come in, offering a surround sound experience like no other, truly immersing you in the big game. An excellent option for a set of speakers is the Blackstone TL1600, which offers 5.1 channel surround sound with five speakers and a subwoofer. The audio is clear and doesn t get garbled during big plays in the game, or if you re watching an action movie and explosions go off. These speakers are well-designed and very affordable for what you get.


3. Super Bowl Tickets

Let s say you ve decided you want to go see the Super Bowl in person and you re ready to find some tickets. But the big game is just weeks away, and you re wondering, is it too late to buy tickets? That answer is an emphatic no! Ticketmaster has you covered, not only with tickets to the big game, but also to all the events that happen during the week of the Super Bowl. You won t find a finer service to getting the hottest sporting event tickets, but also hard-to-get concert and theater tickets as well. They can even help you sell your tickets in the event you can t make it to an event, so you won t be left with expensive tickets you can't use.


4. Official NFL Gear
Dick s Sporting Goods

Whether you re throwing a big party, going to the game itself, hitting your favorite bar or just watching the big game at home, you will want to show your love for your favorite team. That s where Dick s Sporting Goods comes in, which offers official NFL shirts, hoodies, rain boots, coolers, vehicle window graphics and other apparel and collectibles. All the NFL teams are represented, and there are a remarkable number of items available to show how much you love your favorite team. They offer a wide range of cool memorabilia both in store and online.


5. NFL Video Game
Madden NFL 12

A great way to pass the time while waiting for the big game is perhaps the single greatest sports video game ever, Madden NFL. With the newest version, the gameplay and graphics are better, and you can play as your favorite player. Also included are player stats, the ability to create your own Ultimate Team, the ability to use a playbook, and an announcer calling the game, making the game more realistic. You can play with your friends, or by yourself, and have a bunch of fun while waiting for the Super Bowl to start, and it's available across all major gaming and PC platforms.


6. Superior Satellite TV Service
DIRECTV s NFL Sunday Ticket

During the regular NFL season, you like to kick back on Sundays and watch the games. But what if you aren t living in an area where you can frequently watch your favorite team? Time to get DirecTV s NFL Sunday Ticket. It delivers every game on Sunday, in full HD. You can even set it up to watch an incredible eight games at once with the Game Mix channel. Plus, you also get the NFL RedZone channel, so you can see every drive, score and major play on Sunday. Plus, you get two Short Cuts channels which spotlight commercial-free highlights.


7. Fantasy Sports Software
ESPN Fantasy and Games

Sports fantasy teams allow you to be a team owner for any major sport, with a lineup you pick yourself. With ESPN Fantasy and Games software you can create your own teams for your favorite sports and ESPN will track the points your team scores so you don't have to do the math. Whether you re a fan of the NFL, pro basketball, baseball, hockey or soccer, they have your sport. It s very easy to set up and use the software, and you have the best analysis and ESPN stories to help you follow your teams and get the insider info. Other sports represented include many types of racing, along with bass fishing and poker, making it truly unique.


8. DIY Beer Making Kit
Mr. Beer

Many football fans will be celebrating responsibly with some cold beers, and if you want to have fun and maybe save a little money, why not make your own beer? Mr. Beer has been providing beer-making kits for many years, and they ve made it easy to do it yourself. Within a couple of weeks, following their instructions and using the ingredients that come with each kit, you ll be enjoying some frosty DIY suds. They offer many popular types of beer you can brew, from a classic American lager to a dark Irish stout, and even seasonal varieties. If beer isn t your thing, Mr. Beer sells hard cider and root beer kits, too. Imagine the fun of brewing your own concoctions and sharing them with your family and friends on game day.


9. Fresh, Hot Pizza Delivered Just in Time for the Game
Domino s Pizza

In addition to all the classic tailgating goodies like chicken wings, chips and dip, burgers, hot dogs and other great dishes, the big game isn t the same without pizza. Domino s Pizza offers an app for your mobile device so you can order and track your pizza online. Not only will you know when your pizza is on its way, but they ll tell you when it s being made, baked and checked out for quality before the delivery guy hits the road. You can also place and track your order on their website.


10. A Classic Sports Movie to Gear Up for the Big Game
Best Sports Movies of All Time

Are you getting tired of all the so-called football experts, pundits and talking heads while you re waiting for the big game, but want to keep the sports theme alive? Then check out our list of the best sports movies so you and your friends and family can enjoy a sports film instead of hearing the endless talk and pregame hype. The films cover everything from football to baseball, boxing, wrestling, hiking and more.


We hope you have a fun and safe time watching the big game and cheering on your team to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. With these extra tips you ll be set for the Super Bowl, whether you re going to the game itself or celebrating from home with family and friends.


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