One of the most popular vacations for families and couples is to take a trip to one of the 12 Disney theme parks located around the world. In addition to theme parks, Disney also has resorts and themed cruises. It isn't uncommon to see your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed full of snapshots from those Disney vacations, and you probably have a hard drive or phone full of digital photos of your own Disney visits. You can turn those photos into treasured keepsakes by creating photo books of your adventures.

Online photo book services like Mixbook let you organize and edit your photos with free online tools, and then design a photo book with various themes, including Disney-specific ones. Using a photo album book service, you can make a different Disney photo book for every one of your Disney adventures.

  • Disney Cruise: Before you embark on your Disney venture at sea, be sure you charge your phone or digital camera and head out on deck. You're going to encounter several Disney characters as you cruise a path to the pool or to dinner. These are excellent photo opportunities and these are the pictures you want in your Disney photo book.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and other popular Disney characters often pop up in different costumes, so you can create themed pages within your Disney-themed photo book. So be sure to snap photos of you or your kids with Mickey dressed as a pirate or in his formal attire.

Disney cruise lines also offer professional photo services, which you can purchase so you can have even more photos to add to your personalized photo book. These photo packages can include portraits with fun backdrops and Disney characters, in case you miss the candid opportunities on the boat.

  • Disney Autograph Book: No matter your age, collecting autographs from Disney characters can be a fun and challenging activity, and it's a great keepsake when your vacation ends. To ensure you get the most autographs during a visit, head to meet and greets at theme parks before you hit the rides. Lines to meet characters are shorter at the beginning of the day.

Bring a big marker and an autograph book that can accommodate big, gloved hands. The Disney cast members have a harder time gripping small markers with their gloves on, so make it easier on them to give you a great autograph.

Be sure to pose with each character, also. You can combine the photos of characters with photos of the autographs to create a Disney photo book with your encounters. This is a great way to preserve the signatures and create a keepsake that your children and you can look back on year after year. You can even turn an autograph and photo book into a coloring book for your children, which is a great way for them to relive the vacation.

  • Disney World: Of all the Disney theme parks, Walt Disney World includes the most variety in one area. If you plan to visit each of the parks – Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios – you have four photo book ideas out of one vacation.

You can focus on taking photos that fit the theme of each of the parks. So, at Epcot, you can get photos of your family enjoying cuisines from around the world and design your Disney photo book to showcase each of the countries or regions that are featured there.

At Magic Kingdom Park, be sure to get lots of photos with the classic Disney characters and rides. You can design your personalized photo book with pictures from Space Mountain, Tomorrowland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and more. And don't forget Cinderella's Castle and the nightly electric parade.

When you spend the day at Animal Kingdom Theme Park, you want to be sure you capture all of the moments you have at the wildlife-centric park. From elephants and butterflies to dinosaurs and lions, there are plenty of photo opportunities to help you fill out a photo book.

Disney's Hollywood Studios gives you ample photo options with its focus on all things cinematic. Keep that theme in mind as you place photos from your Star Wars experience and character meet-ups in your custom photo book.

  • Disneyland Paris: Disney fans who plan a trip to Europe just for Disney Paris are going to want to capture every moment at the unique attractions at this theme park. You can combine your Disney experience with any adventures you have in Paris, too. So don't toss aside your photos of the Eiffel tower when you're putting together your Disney in Europe photo book. 
  • Disney Resorts: Many families book stays at Disney resorts for more than the brand name. The locations and attractions at the resorts alone are enough to keep families busy for days of their vacations. In addition to taking lots of photos of your family enjoying various activities, be sure to get pictures of the resort itself. The Disney theme comes through in the design and décor at many of the resorts, and pictures of those details can work as design elements in your custom photo book.

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