Old photo books can be embarrassing, especially if the cover is in bad shape or out of style. If you can't open the book without the photos slipping out of sleeved compartments, it s time for a replacement. Given the technology advancements, it is possible to create digital photo books online. Photo book service providers offer a multitude of features, tools and choices that enable their customers to make a photo book tailored to their preferences.

Let s look at some features that make digital photo books more appealing.

Great Choice of Exciting Templates
Photo books can exude personality, thanks to the choice of templates that enable people to personalize the way they showcase precious moments of their lives. Colors, layouts, texts   designing photo books online offers several options for creative embellishments. Alternatively, minimalist templates are also available. Either way, you shouldn't settle for off-the-shelf photo books or albums any longer.

Ease of Use and Sharing
Digital photo books are both easy to create and share using the several (free) tools available with the service provider. Digital images from several sources can be edited for special effects, effortlessly arranged on the chosen template and shared with loved ones, either via email or social networking sites. Online storage and instant access make it a breeze to create a photo book for each occasion.

Finish Options
Online photo book service providers also allow customers to specify the image/book size, cover designs and finishes, enabling them to customize the album's look and feel, in case they want to make a hard copy. Impeccable preview options provide a realistic rendering of the chosen features and make it easier to decide and apply changes until the final design meets your expectations.

Collaborative Effort
Another unique advantage of digital photo books is that these projects can support a collaborative or team effort. It is possible to make a photo book that serves as one interesting collection of snaps from a single event, where images from several contributors who were part of the same occasion can be assembled into a single project. Designing photo books online can help showcase multiple perspectives of the same occasion, subject or object.

Choosing the right photo book service is the key that determines the features, ease of use and pricing. As always, shopping around and comparing competitive products is a must, and reviews can help with the decision.

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