Getting dental work done can become costly, even for a routine teeth cleaning and a checkup. Having a dental discount plan can save from 10 to 50 percent per visit, and a dental plan can cover all aspects of dentistry, including teeth cleaning, root canals, crowns, orthodontia, extractions and dentures. Some plans include extra coverage such as discounts on vision and prescriptions. Dental discount plans like AARP Dental InsuranceCigna Plus Savings and Vital Savings by Aetna Discount Dental can offer a great alternative to dental insurance, and they can save you plenty of cash if you're currently paying all your costs out of pocket.

Dental Discount Plans: What to Look For

Finding the right dental discount plan for yourself or your family includes more than price and the amount of discount you receive. Other important considerations include how many service providers are available for the plan and whether you can get emergency dental care covered out of town. For those with children, orthodontia coverage is a consideration, while older individuals may want coverage for crowns, bridges or dentures.

Some dental discount plans require a referral for specialist treatments. In addition, not all discount plans are available in all areas of the country, and some have a yearly limit on the amount covered or have restrictions placed on coverage. Here are further considerations:

Number of Providers
It's important to select a plan that offers a selection of providers in your area. While not all dental plans advertise the number of providers carrying that plan, many of the plans are available nationwide and can have as many as 156,000 providers listed, so finding a dentist that suits you probably won't be difficult.

Services covered by a dental plan are far ranging, but most cover any type of dental work. If you have children that might require orthodontia, you should make sure your plan covers this. Older persons who might need dentures should ensure their plan covers both upper and lower dentures.

Extra Coverage Included in Plan
Although most dental plans cover only dental work, some include extra coverage at no additional cost. This might include discounts for vision such as checkups and discounts on eyeglasses, or prescription discounts. Other dental plans can include a free exam and X-rays.

Annual Limits and Restrictions
Most dental plans do not have limits on how many times you visit your dentist during the year, but you should check the plan carefully for limits on the number of visits you can make if you typically need a lot of dental work. Some plans may not offer coverage for certain parts of the country, so it's important to look at the plan details.

The right dental discount plan depends on your needs, location, coverage and availability of providers in your area. Whether you choose individual or family coverage, plans are out there to suit any preference.

AARP Review

AARP Dental Insurance offers two dental discount insurance plans, so you can pick the one that meets your needs. The main difference in these plans is that the second plan has a lower monthly cost and pays out less than the first. However, the premiums cost a fixed rate for the first two years you are on this plan, which some individuals find an important consideration, especially if they are on fixed incomes.

This dental insurance has a large number of providers. The coverage provided by both dental insurance plans covers from 50 to 100 percent of the cost of the covered items. Dental coverage is also available in the event of an accident at an extra charge, and family coverage is an option. However, this insurance program does not cover orthodontia, and there are limits on sealants. One nice feature is that before you sign up for this program, you can access the names and addresses of participating dentists in your area to choose your dentist. For smaller towns that may not have a participating dentist, you can search for dentists in a broader area.

You have three ways to get dental insurance here. You can sign up online after receiving a quote on the monthly fee, or you can download the enrollment form, fill it out at your leisure and send it by mail. A toll-free number is available if you prefer to do it over the phone.

Coverage under this dental insurance plan is not available in South Dakota, Alaska or Wyoming. No extra coverage comes with these dental plans. Both plans cover repairs of dentures, root canals, oral surgery, oral exams, cleaning and X-rays under the first year of coverage. In the second year, the coverage expands to include periodontal treatments, dental implants, cast and crown restorations, dentures and treatment for TMJ.

This dental plan for seniors does come with some restrictions and limits on coverage. It requires membership in AARP in order to join. The two plans have a yearly limit of $1,000 or $1,500 in benefits, depending on the plan you choose, and some items will not be covered until you have had the insurance for one year. It also has an annual deductible. Coverage under this dental insurance is not available in South Dakota, Alaska or Wyoming.

AARP Dental Insurance has good coverage for different areas of dental care, and the coverage expands after one year. You can also get dental insurance for your immediate family.

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Avia Review

Avia Dental Plan gives you the ability to choose your dentist from a large network of providers. There is no paperwork or waiting for approval before receiving care, and you can sign up for membership online.

The dentists in this dental discount program have established practices. The plan has participants in 21 states and includes numerous major urban areas. You can check online to see if the state in which you reside has coverage. In addition, individuals who travel extensively might want a service that provides care in their destination areas.

There are several dental discount plans to choose from when signing on with this program. One involves individual coverage and is a good choice if your workplace lacks dental insurance. Family plans are more expensive, but your entire family has coverage. Student plans and senior plans are also available. Senior plans require that you provide proof that you are at least 62 years old. Both the individual senior and senior plus one rate are lower than other plans. There is an enrollment fee, but if you sign up online the company waives the fee, except in Florida. Florida does not allow senior rates either.

The dental plans offer monthly and annual payment options. There are group plans that employers are able to offer to employees as an optional monthly payroll deduction and without cost to the employer.

This discount dental plan provides discounts on many dental services. The services include routine cleanings and checkups. It also covers X-rays, root canals and fillings with discounts of up to 50 percent. The plan also allows you to save on orthodontics and crowns. The amount an individual dentist charges determines how much you will pay after the deductions. It is important to check the dental fees of individual providers when you choose a dentist.

This dental plan is available to use once the dental discount plan receives the application and the appropriate fee. This includes the one-time sign-up fee and the first two monthly payments. The plan includes savings on vision care and prescriptions. The prescription savings are available at 59,000 pharmacies nationwide including CVS and Walmart among others. The vision plan provides savings for routine exams, lenses, frames and contacts at such retailers as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, LensCrafters, Target Optical and JCPenney Optical. It can save up to 15 percent on retail prices. You can also save 5 percent off Lasik procedures.

This dental discount program offers dental, vision and prescription savings. It is not available in all states, and some options are not available in Florida. It does have a signup fee, but, in most instances waiving this fee is possible for online registration.

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Careington Review

The Careington Care 500 plan gives you discounts on dental work, and you can insure yourself or the entire family. Different rates are available for one, two, three or more family members. This dental plan includes discounts on vision needs such as eyeglasses or exams and prescription discounts for brand name or generic medications.

The dental discount provides you with a 20 to 50 percent discount on most dental work, and you get a written fee schedule on costs for about 100 different procedures. In addition, you can change dentists whenever you like without the need for a referral. Until the dental discount card arrives in the mail, you can use a temporary card which you will receive by email, usually within a few minutes of signing up, so you can use the discounts right away. If you wish, you can also cancel the plan within 30 days.

Over 90,000 providers accept this discount dental plan, so there is probably a selection of dentists near your area. If you need to see a specialist, a 20 percent discount applies.

One nice feature of this discount dental plan is that you can use it anywhere you happen to be, even while on vacation or while visiting other parts of the country. Coverage for this plan is available throughout the country and includes discounts for an oral exam and X-rays, teeth cleaning and sealants, resin and amalgam fillings, resin, porcelain and stainless steel crowns, pins and post and core treatments.

This dental discount plan also covers root canals, periodontal care, dentures, bridges, oral surgery, orthodontics and the medications associated with dental work. However, it does not include coverage of lab fees, so this might be a consideration for some.

Extra coverage you receive with the plan includes eye care and prescriptions. The vision discounts are for eyeglasses, contact lenses and exams. The prescription discount gives you a 10 to 25 percent discount on name brands and up to a 90 percent discount for generics.

Restrictions and annual limits are an important consideration when looking for a dental discount plan. This one has no annual limit. The only restriction with this one is that you cannot use the discounts when seeking a continuation of unfinished dental work that you began somewhere else.

The Careington Care 500 dental plan lets you get discounts on dental work and covers most procedures. It also includes discounts on drugs and vision. Available through over 90,000 providers, this dental discount is available for individuals and families.

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Cigna Review

Cigna Plus Savings signs you up immediately and gives you an identification card that you can use to get discounts on many types of dental services. Once you sign up for this discount dental plan, you can use the card right away with any of the providers listed in the online network. The average discount for dental procedures is around 35 percent, and the program includes discounts in other areas related to health.

About 93,000 providers in the service network for dental discounts provide a wide area of coverage across the country. You have two ways to find the dentist you want in your area. Access by using the website is one option, or you can phone the company and they will assist you in finding a dentist to suit your needs.

The dental discount program encourages preventive measures to keep your teeth in good condition. It recommends periodic exams, teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments for your children. The plan provides good coverage for checks, X-rays, sealants, teeth cleaning, crowns, fillings, periodontal treatments, root canals, bridge tooth replacements, upper dentures and extractions. Expenses saved from this plan are from 32 to 35 percent. However, the discount can vary depending on the area and service provider, so you might want to check first. The company keeps a list of prices and discounts for the participating dentists.

This dental discount plan provides coverage wherever you find a provider and you can use it outside your area. What this means is that you have coverage if you are away on a trip within the country or on vacation.

This is a straight dental discount program operated by Cigna. It does not include extra coverage with the plan. The only restriction in this discount dental plan is that you must pay the dentist the portion of the bill that you owe when you visit. Otherwise, there are no limitations due to age or usage, and there are no exclusions. Referrals are unnecessary if you need to visit another dentist to get your work done, and there are no forms to complete or deductibles.

Cigna Plus Savings offers a dental discount with authorized practitioners across the country, and use of an ID card to obtain a discount on services is convenient. The amount of discount and fees charged by various dental practitioners in your area is available by phoning the company.

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CVS Review

CVS iSave has no waiting time, and you don't have to fill out any forms to receive dental discounts with any participating dentist in your area. This plan also offers additional savings in many areas including vision care and prescriptions. Plans are available for individuals or for family coverage.

The dentists participating as caregivers in this plan number 114,000. This lets you have a large number of dentists to choose from convenient locations. When you enroll online for this dental discount program, you receive a card that you present when you visit the dentist to receive your automatic discount.

Discounts with this plan range between 15 percent and 50 percent, depending on the procedure. Coverage includes anything that your dentist provides, from teeth cleaning and X-rays to upper dentures, extractions, root canals and fillings. CVS Caremark also has an online website where you can speak to someone if you have questions.

You can use this dental discount plan with any participating dentist around the country. This is a nice feature when you have a dental problem while on vacation or out of state. You can choose from general dentistry, hygienists, pathologists, oral surgeons, orthodontists or dentists who specialize in pediatrics. It also includes endodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists. In this way, you can seek specialized treatment if you wish or just use a general dentist for your procedures.

The amount that you can save in dental discounts depends on the prices charged by individual dentists in your area since not all dentists charge the same amount. Shopping around for prices before committing to a procedure might be a good idea.

This discount dental plan also includes extra coverage. You receive automatic discounts for vision, alternative medical treatment, chiropractic treatment and vision care. In addition, participating minute clinics, hearing centers, online nursing assistance and certain prepaid lab and diagnostic imaging providers include a discount. The total number of providers in this program numbers 270,000, which includes dentistry providers.

CVS iSave is a dental discount plan that gives you automatic discounts on dental treatments and includes discounts in other areas such as vision, prescriptions and at hearing centers. It has a large number of providers nationwide, and you can elect to get an individual plan or a family plan that includes everyone in your immediate family or who is a dependent.

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DenteMax Review

DenteMax dental discount plan makes signing up convenient with an online platform, and you get immediate coverage for yourself or your family. This plan provides discounts without paperwork or additional fees. It provides coverage outside of your area, so finding a dentist when you travel is convenient.

The dental discount program has a large network of dentists and, according to the company, all the providers in the plan are taking new patients. Choosing a dentist is straightforward. You can use the DenteMax site and search for participating dentists in your area. Once you find a participating dentist, you are able to check the charges for a non-subscribing patient in comparison to what a patient who uses this dental discount program would pay. This gives you a fast way to decide if the dentist’s cost meets your budget once the discount is applied.

The cost of individual and family plans for this discount dental plan varies. This PPO network, which began in 1985, strives to use credentialing tools for its participants and continually adds new participants. It also helps ensure quality of care and service. There are more than 180,000 dentists in the nationwide network. Individuals who choose this plan can save from 20 to 40 percent.

There are no qualifications to become a member of this plan, and all applicants are accepted. Age or prior conditions are not prohibitive. There are no restrictions about how often you use the program. This dental discount plan does not require extensive paperwork. When you pay for the procedure, you receive the discount.

The types of procedures covered under this dental discount program are extensive. The procedures include crowns, root canals, dentures, X-rays, cleaning and whitening, preventive and six-month checkups, protective tooth sealant, and extractions. In addition, this dental program discounts prosthodontic, periodontics and endodontic services, oral surgery and orthodontics.

There are no sign-up fees. If you are dissatisfied with this dental discount plan after signing up, you have 30 days to cancel without questions and receive your first month's payment back. In addition, at any time you can change dentists within the dental discount plan's network of providers. Simply make an appointment with a different provider and provide them with your dental discount card to save on expenses. There are no extra services associated with this plan, and group plans are available for employers.

DenteMax provides of large network of participants. It has no paperwork and allows you to change providers, and it has no annual limits.

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Patriot Review

Patriot Health is not an insurance plan but a dental discount program that saves you money whenever you make a trip to any dentist who is a participating provider. With this plan, you receive a discount of 40 percent or more and are responsible for paying the balance to your dentist at the time of service.

The plan offers your choice of 7,900 dentists across the country and free check-ups and X-rays when you go in to have your teeth cleaned. If you sign up, the company gives you a downloadable detailed fee schedule so that when you go to the dentist, there are no surprises. You can phone customer service to find dentists in your area, and there is no charge for the call.

When you present your discount dental plan card, you automatically have the percentage discounted for that procedure removed from your bill. This plan also has group rates if you need this service for others in your family.

Items under coverage by this dental discount plan include procedures after hours and emergency treatment. It covers oral surgery, dentures and bridges, including repairs and modifications, amalgam or resin fillings and all aspects of crowns and root canals. The price for different procedures includes local anesthesia. If you decide you want to use a different type of anesthesia, you are responsible for the additional cost.

This dental discount covers orthodontics for children through age 16 but still provides a 25 percent discount for older offspring. It also covers periodontal procedures and maintenance afterward. Although the list of coverage is extensive, any dental treatment not on the list still gives you a 25 percent discount, except for in-office whitening, which is the only item not given a discount.

One consideration when choosing a dentist through this plan is that not all dentists charge the same amount. You may want to keep this in mind when looking for a new dentist. This discount dental plan has no annual limits. However, it is not available for those who live in Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, Washington or Vermont. In addition, it may not have providers available in certain areas, but you can check for coverage first.

Patriot Health dental discount plan gives you discounts of up to 40 percent on almost all dental procedures and even includes discounts on emergency care. This dental discount does not apply to all states or all areas, so you may want to check and see if your area has coverage available.

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Reassurance Review

Reassurance Dental offers a dental discount plan that saves you and your family money when you need dental work. After getting your dental card, you present it to a participating dental office and receive up to a 50 percent discount on the work you need done. Rates to get dental discounts through this company are the same for everyone without a higher charge due to age or health.

You pay this discount dental plan on a monthly basis and receive a membership card that provides coverage for your immediate family. If you visit a dentist from a participating network listed on the card, you can receive a discount between 15 percent and 50 percent on dental procedures.

All you do is choose a dentist, make an appointment and present the card when you arrive there to receive your discount. Around 132,000 networks have signed up to provide service for this plan, so there is a good chance you'll find a dentist around your area. You receive a temporary card immediately for your use, and your permanent card arrives in the mail in one week to 10 days. If you change your mind, you can cancel your membership if it is within 30 days.

This dental discount coverage is available in most states. However, those living in Alaska, Vermont, Rhode Island and Washington cannot enroll in this program. Checking to see if it is in your area is advisable.

Because of the extensive coverage of the discount dental plan, you should have no problem finding a dentist if you need the services of one outside your area, whether you are on vacation or just visiting out of state. The lack of restrictions in this plan makes it possible to receive a discount on dental work as long as you use one of the participating dentists.

Extra coverage comes with this discount dental plan. It includes discounts on vision needs such as eyeglasses and eye exams. It also gives you discounts on prescriptions, whether generic or name brand medications. There is no monetary cap on coverage, no matter how many times you and your family use the service. Neither are there any limits as to price of the dental work you need.

Reassurance Dental offers a dental discount that includes all immediate family members for a monthly charge and covers a wide range of dental procedures, including teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions and dentures. It has a large number of providers and is available in most states.

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Aetna Vital Savings Review

Vital Savings by Aetna is a dental discount plan that offers a way to save money on dental costs. It offers a monthly payment and two plans: one that includes only dental work and another that offers discounts on pharmacy costs.

This dental discount program has many providers, but not in all states. Before signing up, it is beneficial to find out if the program is available in your state. There are about 156,000 dental providers nationwide as of August 2014, and approximately 67,000 pharmacies participate. This gives you the ability to choose find participating dentists and pharmacies whether you're at home or on vacation.

The plans available through this dental discount provider include a dental-only plan. This gives you a 15 to 50 percent reduction for dental work. The actual cost depends on the dentist you use and the area of the country in which he or she practices.

The dental plus pharmacy plan helps you save at pharmacies big and small, including Rite Aid and CVS. You will receive your card by mail. Both dental discount programs offer family and individual options. You can pay monthly or yearly, and there are some savings when you chose an annual fee. A family plan lets you include the other members of your family for a moderate amount. The company is available to answer your questions about cost and coverage.

There are other options, including whether or not you have an individual plan or family plan. This dental discount plan helps you save on eye exams, Lasik surgery and eyeglass frames. Additional savings are available for massage therapy, gyms and some diet programs. Using Aetna's website, you can check what dental services cost from one dentist to another, check on the cost of medications and explore brand versus generic expense.

Savings on dental services with this dental discount program include many commonplace procedures. These consist of dental cleaning, X-rays, crowns, whitening procedures and braces among others. In addition, other dental procedures are available for a discount.

The plan saves you money on dental, vision and pharmacy services, but the actual savings may vary considerably. However, it does have a large network of providers and other participants.

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