Small electronic devices and appliances are a part of our daily lives. We feel inclined to buy the newest smartphone, 60-inch HD TV or camera. Unless you purchase your devices online, the cashier will ask if you'd like to add an extended warranty to your new product that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Most people decline. We, as consumers, look for a price point and don't want anything extra tacked onto the price.

For those who turn down an extended warranty in the store, there are several options to add an electronics warranty using an online service. Typically, these services let you insure a product within 30 to 90 days after the original purchase date. The benefit of buying an extended warranty online and not directly from the store is that the warranty may be less expensive or could cover a longer time period.

The reason extended warranties are available is to prepare you for the worst. It is a case of Murphy's Law. If you purchase one, you may never need it. If you don't get an added warranty, your new tech gadget may break the day after the manufacturer's warranty ends. To make sure you get the best value on your peace of mind, we have examined and analyzed companies that sell online warranties. Our top-ranked services are SquareTrade, Consumer Priority Service and Also, check out our articles on the best extended warranty services to learn more.

Extended Warranties: What to Look For

There is a wide variety of companies that offer extended warranties and extended service contracts, and it pays to understand the difference between the two. Essentially, extended warranties generally draw out the original warranty supplied by the product's manufacturer. They tend to begin as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires. Extended service plans primarily offer protection for things that are not normally covered by a warranty, such as water damage and routine wear and tear. Some companies deal directly with the consumer, while other companies tend to deal more with business warranties.

In this section, we examined the different types of coverage for appliance and electronics warranties that each company offers and compared them based on variety and service options. Here you can compare the best electronics extended warranty services that provide coverage on repair and replacement plans, and in-home service. You can also learn whether items you purchase on eBay are covered.

Claim Services
This criterion often separates the great companies from the not so great. The best companies offer 24/7 claim services, offer quotes by phone or online and allow you to transfer the warranty coverage to someone else if you sell the insured item. We also looked at which companies start the warranty concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty and which ones start the warranty period the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Product Warranties
The variety of electronic products covered via a company's extended warranty services also played an important role in our rankings. Most services offer television and computer warranty products, but the best ones also cover some of the more esoteric products, such as global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle video and audio systems, and video gaming consoles.

Help & Support
This is perhaps the most important section in our ranking of extended warranty services. It could be argued that what customers are really buying when they buy an extended warranty service plan is customer service and technical support. There really isn't much more to these plans, so the companies that are the most accessible and supply the most help and support options are the ones that reached the top of our ranking.

No one plans for a new purchase to break or stop working soon after they buy it, but accidents happen. To lessen the impact of such an occurrence, an extended warranty can give you extra protection peace of mind.


SquareTrade has done its research in finding out what customers like and don't like about extended warranties. Since starting out in 1999, the company has studied what it takes to keep warranty customers happy. Their answer, we found, is keeping the process simple and specific to only the products that consumers care about. This extended warranty service puts a focus on specific products. Instead of picking categories for registration or types of warranties, they have links designated to iPhones, for example, and you choose the online quote that works best for you.

Typically, customers have issues with electronics warranty providers not living up to their end of the bargain or items coming back with the same malfunctions. SquareTrade, on the other hand, has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any extended warranty service online. SquareTrade knows how to speak to its customers. Owners of electronics don't want to be spoken down to; rather, they want to hear about products that interest them in exciting techie terms. SquareTrade communicates with you in a matter-of-fact way. The company's Drop Tests page shows just how each smartphone and tablet fares when it is dropped.

SquareTrade's coverage for accidental damage is second to none. The company says it knows just how often accidents with small electronics happen and leaves plenty of room for coverage.

Customers can come to this company for extended warranty service coverage on their appliances and electronics regardless of where they made their initial purchase, whether it was at a brick-and-mortal retail store or an internet site like eBay. Some other great aspects of what SquareTrade calls its hassle-free coverage is that all electrical and mechanical breakdowns or failures that take place during what would be considered normal use are covered. The company supplies extended service plans for iPhones in case they are damaged due to accidents such as drops and liquid spills, and it provides coverage for eBay users where many manufacturers do not, such as with the purchase of refurbished and used products.

For each product, you have the option to choose how long you'd like the extended warranty to last. For example, you can choose to have an iPhone 5 covered for two years, or choose to have it covered for up to three years, which is one year more than Apple Care would last.

For new customers looking to get a warranty for their recently purchased electronics, it's important to find a service and a site that is easy to understand and navigate. SquareTrade keeps its site very simple. Its essential purpose is to help you single out products and get an online quote. Once you have signed up for service, you can log in to My Plans, which keeps a database of receipts and the repairs your items have undergone. Filing a claim is also easy. You can do that by logging in to your account as well. SquareTrade makes the claim process easy. The company takes advantage of the electronic age. You don't even need to get on the phone to talk to customer support.

With every warranty that SquareTrade offers, you can file a claim online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The warranties also include a five-day service guarantee. What this means, the company explains on its website, is that it will reimburse the customer the full replacement cost if the product cannot be repaired, or it will repair the product and ship it back to the customer within five business days of its receipt. In cases when customers need repairs on a large product via in-home service, the company will have a nearby technician get in touch with the customer inside of five business days from the date the claim is approved.

Some of the retailers that this company says offer its services to customers are, Amazon, Vann's and SonicElectronix. Claims that SquareTrade can't manage in-house, or those that require technical troubleshooting or repair, are sent to Precision Camera, Nexicore Technology Repair or ANEW Business Solutions.

A minor flaw in SquareTrade's armor is that when you purchase an extended warranty, it runs concurrently with the original manufacturer's warranty. That kind of overlap is generally what you get with most extended warranty providers, but with a great deal of manufacturers' warranties lasting a year, it feels like a waste to have two warranties that may cover the same issues.

Electronics products covered by the extended warranty services this company offers include cell phones, global positioning systems (GPSs), televisions, MP3 players and laptop computers. Each one of these products has its own customized coverage plan; however, one feature that this company includes with all electronics warranties is 100-percent coverage of labor and parts with no deductibles. SquareTrade says it will reimburse the full cost of any product that is not fixable.

Few extended warranty providers cover smartphones, which is strange because phone warranties are a big business. SquareTrade not only provides general coverage for smartphones, but it also offers specific warranties by company, such as HTC, Samsung and Nokia. The faults that SquareTrade warranties cover range anywhere from spills to antenna failures and broken dock ports.

In addition to 24/7 claim service, SquareTrade provides a feature on its website that gives visitors a quote on coverage with very simple and easy-to-understand directions. The company's website supplies a comprehensive FAQs page, along with detailed contact information, such as telephone numbers and an email address. If there is a notable exception, it's the lack of live chat support. Yes, you can contact a representative on Twitter and Facebook, but we hoped to find an instant message response to any technical issues.

SquareTrade is currently the best in the business in terms of providing coverage for extended warranties. The company's focus on specific products won't overwhelm you if you've never purchased a warranty online in the past. The added benefit of accidental damage coverage included in an extended warranty is unique. SquareTrade realizes that phones may fall into a pool or that your children may spill juice on your tablet. The company has the highest customer satisfaction rating, and with the way it treats its customers, it looks like it will continue to receiving high praise.

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Consumer Priority Service

Many extended warranty providers focus on only one target market, either direct to consumers or providing contracts to retailers and dealers. Consumer Priority Service (CPS) works on both business contracts and for-consumer electronics. Their wide variety of coverage ranges from accidental (ADH) plans to commercial coverage and on-site upgrades.

Consumer Priority Service looks to live up to its name by providing prompt, quality customer service. That is what extended warranties really come down to – dealing with a company that has contracted itself to work for you when the products you own no longer work.

One area in which Consumer Priority Service excels in is how easy it is to navigate the company's site to find information, make claims and get an online quote. Many businesses do not understand that in order to gain a customer's business and trust, they need to give them as much information as possible and not instill confusion about what their business actually does. Consumer Priority Service ranks high for extended warranty services for the clarity it shows.

Not only does Consumer Priority Service offer general and extended warranties for your consumer electronics, but it also offers warranties that few other providers do. Their accidental coverage plan covers repair for products that have suffered water, cosmetic or impact damage. They also offer an on-site upgrade. This is typically available when buy your extended warranty through an authorized dealer or technician. Chances are, you'll have one locally. Depending on weight and price of the warrantied item, you will have the option to mail the damaged product in for service or replacement, or to have a technician fix it where you live.

A standout feature that very few electronics warranty providers have is a non-overlapping warranty. Typically, you must purchase an online warranty within the first month after purchasing the item the extended warranty is for, and that warranty runs concurrently with the original manufacturer's warranty, making much of the time and extra costs redundant. Consumer Priority Service will start your extended warranty the day your manufacturer's warranty ends. For example, most original warranties last one year. If you purchase a two-year extended warranty from CPS, it starts after that time period. Your electronic device or appliance would then be covered for a total of three years instead of one or two.

You can receive a quote by phone or easily obtain one on the company's website. The extended warranty plans are transferable, with a $25 dollar fee, if you decide to sell the item or give it away before the extended warranty expires. Another strong aspect of Consumer Priority Service's site is the checkout. You can have policies ready for checkout and still get a quote for an additional product without leaving your cart. Basically, this is an example of how CPS wants you, the consumer, to feel comfortable before you purchase a warranty from them.

If you need an extended warranty for electronics or an appliance, you can be assured that CPS offers coverage for it. You can surely find plans for televisions, computers and cameras. You can also find warranties for iPhones and Droids. Oddly, smartphone coverage is rare with online extended warranty services. CPS will also cover random items like baby swings, floor polishers and trash compactors. Essentially, if you have an electronic product and are wondering if Consumer Priority Service covers it, chances are it does.

Acquiring help during stressful times is crucial. Few times are more crucial than when an electronic device you rely on breaks down. Consumer Priority Service gives you every avenue possible to get the support you need. We are impressed that they use social media as a way to push conversations with their clients. At times, it's faster to receive a response on Facebook than it is to receive an answer to an email query. For dealing with quick concerns, there is also an online FAQs page. Live chat support is available, but unfortunately, this feature is not always functional.

If there are issues with your products and they need to be sent to a technician for repairs, there are 52,000 authorized service centers nationwide to help with your issue. For additional peace of mind, CPS will give you a replacement or a monetary settlement if a damaged product cannot be repaired after two maintenance visits.

Consumer Priority Service is a great extended warranty service. It covers both commercial and consumer warranties. It ranks so highly because the company makes registration and claims processing easy to understand. Plus, they cover nearly every product under the sun. The strongest features are the option for in-home repair and warranties that cover accidental damage. With the information on the CPS site about its extended service plans, you won't need to be in the industry to understand the process, which is more than can be said about many of its competitors.

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Electronic doesn't want any confusion about what its service is focused on; it's their name, after all. The company has long been a top provider of extended warranties for individuals. They realize that many of us turn down offers to purchase extended warranties in stores, so they've designed their service to make the transition from an impulsive electronics purchase to an investment with peace of mind.

The company offers almost everything that typical extended warranty services do, but provides more foresight into the claims process. They anticipate the needs of the customer, which may never be addressed, but in the case that a repair is needed, they make it easy for you to manage it. MyWarrantyDrawer is a paperless service that keeps track of digital receipts and tracks warranty expiration dates. supplies customers with complete coverage of parts and labor with no deductibles. They also include power-surge coverage in cases where electronic items are destroyed or damaged due to a sudden, unexpected surge of power – sometimes also called a voltage spike – in an electrical circuit. Customers also have the ability to transfer the remaining term of their coverage to a new owner at any time without incurring any additional charges.

Fully bonded and insured technicians troubleshoot and diagnose problems over the phone. If the product needs to be repaired, the company can perform the necessary work in the customer's home or at one of its authorized service facilities. If the parts required to fix the product are not available, or if the cost associated with the repair exceeds the cost the customer paid for the item, the company will reimburse the customer up to the item's initial cost for its replacement, excluding any taxes, shipping and installation fees.

Customers should have little difficulty when it comes time to initiate a service application or file a claim for an eligible item. The website is extremely simple for new customers to navigate. The online quote window is available on the homepage. The company even allows you to use coupon codes for further discounts. They cater to the thrifty customer, with diagrams that show specific products, give the details of a national retailer's warranty price and compare it to their own price. Typically, the price for extended service plans is 40 percent less than an in-store warranty.

Some of the items for which the company has warranty coverage are television sets, laptop computers, appliances and desktop computers. A notable exception is the lack of coverage for any type of smartphone. This should be noted because the company covers nearly everything else, but has not caught on to the large market of added warranties for accidental damage to phones. In addition to these specific individual warranty services, the company offers a general warranty. This covers electrical and mechanical malfunctions, parts and labor, and a replacement product if the failure cannot be repaired.

With the extensive area that its service network covers, the company has the ability to send technicians out to customers' homes within an extremely short period of time, especially compared to some of the other companies we reviewed. Electronic products that are relatively small can be dropped off at one of the aforementioned 50,000 authorized service centers. The company will also cover the cost for two-way shipping in cases when larger items like fridges need to be sent in to a service center for repairs. is one of the top extended warranty providers for a reason. They make the registration and claims processes as easy as they can be. The MyWarrantyDrawer feature keeps a record of your transaction history and gives you reminders for warranties that are about to expire. That's one of many features that keep this company in the top tier of electronics warranty services.

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AMT Warranty

AMT Warranty is a small branch of AmTrust Financial Services, which deals with specialty risk, property and casualty insurance policies for businesses. The AMT Warranty division specializes in electronic products that range from fitness equipment and power tools to home warranty services. The company has established itself as one of the leading providers of extended warranties on the market.

Unlike other providers, AMT's website is easy to understand, and there is a great deal of information that shows exactly what they cover, and the other services they provide for companies.

An extended warranty service plan is AMT Warranty's program that provides customers with the highest level of coverage. They can be set up to protect new electronic products against most, if not all, potential malfunctions or failures, including those that are not covered by the product's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

The claims processing and service features available through AMT Warranty's extended warranty services include a professional and experienced staff. They primarily handle repair and replacement services, along with accidental damage from handling (ADH), and an automated and paperless claim service system.

Some of the features the company can write into its extended service plans include repair and replacement plans, extended warranty service terms and other upgrades that can cover express service and on-site service. They also offer their customers strategies for simplifying the configuration and implementation of their individual programs.

Replacement, repair and ADH warranty programs through this company cover consumer electronics, such as computers and their accessories and peripherals, appliances and telecommunication equipment. The company also administers a distinctive warranty service feature to retailers and distributors called Protect-it, which allows these outlets to increase the coverage they provide in their own extended service programs.

Protect-it is a wallet-sized card that businesses purchase from AMT Warranty and then sell to their customers. The Protect-it card is designed to function like a credit card in that the retail business or distributor can set it up in an extensive assortment of coverage types and cost options.

Some of these great features include AMT's customer service and call centers that offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their Customer Care Solutions educate customers on the various solutions available to them when they are in the process of making and handling a claim. Their Aftermarket Solutions provide service to customers who didn't buy an extended warranty service plan when they made their initial purchase of a new product.

AMT Warranty is a solid choice as an electronics warranty and service contract provider. Its services are suited for businesses, rather than individuals. If you do need a larger contract, AMT can provide you with a Protect-it card to keep customers loyal to your services while also extending the reach of local outlets that can provide additional coverage.

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Green Umbrella offers extended warranties for a wide array of consumer electronics. This unique service allows you to cover every single appliance, computer and electronic device for a monthly fee that covers service for mechanical and electrical failures. The purpose is to reach out to individual customers and get extended warranties and service contracts for them, but does not personally repair products. works with The Warranty Group, which also runs myriad service providers and handle repairs and maintenance. We were impressed that the company is so upfront about the fact that it works with a larger warranty service for the heavy lifting. The Warranty Group (TWG) is the largest service provider to dealers in the nation and has several outlets for assistance from local dealers.

One of the caveats that this company freely admits is that it does not cover products priced at more than $5,000. It does not provide assistance for electronics that don't come with at least a 90-day manufacturer's warranty or items that were recently refurbished.

To file a claim or service request, customers are directed to call TWG Innovative Solutions. It is a toll-free call, and TWG employs more than 25,000 qualified and approved service providers. refers customers whose covered product is broken to either its toll-free customer service center phone number or website.

There is a wide variety of products that this company's extended warranty services plans cover. They separate them into three categories: electronics, appliances and computers. To get more specific, you could get an extended warranty for every consumer electronic in your home, ranging from subwoofers to paper shredders.

Companies that create, develop and administer unique programs that are exclusive to them. Repair Concierge Service is that program for This extended warranty service feature provides customers with help when they need to pay for repairs that are not covered under their service plan. Repair Concierge Service will troubleshoot problems over the phone, direct customers to an approved repair service shop and assist customers with their manufacturer's electronics warranty coverage plan.

There's a saying that "Too many cooks spoil the soup." One of the glaring potential problems customers might run into when trying to conduct business with is that they seemingly employ a different company for each service they provide. There's The Warranty Group, InteractiveSM, TWG Innovative Solutions and Virginia Surety Company, Inc., just to name a few. New customers might feel their heads spinning trying to keep track of which company is responsible for which aspects of their extended service plans. Other than that, however, this company covers many of the basic features we expect from a third-party warranty service provider.

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Mack Worldwide Warranty

Mack Worldwide Warranty started out as a service that provided service contracts and extended warranties specifically for cameras and camera equipment. Although they service several more items now, a large part of their business is still related to camera repair and replacement. The company is based in New Jersey, but it also works with several local service dealers to fix broken products on-site. Chances are, though, you will have to send your malfunctioning electronics to them by mail.

Mack does a great job of keeping the learning process simple and informative. It's very easy to find an online quote for products. To find a basic price for an extended warranty, all you need to do is pick a specific category like gaming equipment or digital cameras and enter the original cost of the product. Certain product categories allow you to purchase a standard warranty, while others give you the options of replacement or on-site help. Simply having that quote option on the website makes consumers more comfortable about what they are getting into.

You can also reach Mack Worldwide Warranty by phone and give the same information stated in the above paragraph to receive a quote by phone. An issue that comes up if you ever sell a product for which you have a warranty is the problem of transferring your plan to another individual. That requires a $20 transfer fee.

The major downside to using Mack's service is that it doesn't cover accidental damage, which is essentially misuse, neglect or tampering. More often than not, people buy warranties because they have kids who put peanut butter in the Blu-ray player or throw a Wii-mote at the TV. Essentially, if a product wears out or a bulb goes out on its own, Mack can help you, but they will not help with any damage due to accidents or mishaps.

Mack Worldwide Warranty is suited to provide service contracts and extended warranties to a wide range of consumer electronics. Their site is easy to navigate and provides information through FAQs. The ability to get an instant online quote is a definite plus that definitely shows customers what they are in for if they choose to get an electronics warranty through Mack. The company would have ranked higher if it didn't require you to mail in most items it service and if it had more options for accident-related coverage.

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Assurant Solutions

Assurant Solutions is a solid extended warranty service provider that targets businesses. They cover several areas of service contracts and warranties by designing, administering, underwriting and marketing solutions to help businesses handle risk management and specialty insurance for several products.

Assurant informs its partner companies about what is available through its extended service plan. Not only are customers' maintenance, repair and replacement costs covered, but also these benefits extend beyond the length of a manufacturer's warranty. In short, if a product with an extended warranty breaks down or malfunctions, it qualifies to receive 100-percent coverage of parts, labor and replacement services as part of the contract.

The down side to Assurant Solutions is that consumers looking to get a personal electronics warranty will not find much help on the Assurant site. The company deals primarily with retail businesses and typically doesn't interact with individual consumers. Assurant has more than 20 years of experience in the extended warranty services business, and with that experience, they've been able to amass a huge service and repair network that surrounds the globe.

Assurant lists a wide variety of products it covers with its extended protection programs on its website. Consumer electronics, broadband services, jewelry, major appliances and personal computers are some of the product categories for which it supplies extended service solutions.

Customers have access to technical support on their extended warranty services contracts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The businesses to which this company provides its extended warranty services are given an integrated risk mitigation program to help them manage a number of operational procedures, including marketing, underwriting, logistics and customer solutions.

Assurant Solutions makes in-home service plans available to customers, which mainly covers large items like major appliances and home theatre systems. The company states on its website that the work is performed by insured and licensed repair and maintenance professionals. Because Assurant deals with retailers, finding help through its customer service is difficult. The company's site doesn't give information for email contact, and it lacks a live chat option as well.

Because Assurant Solutions deals primarily with other companies, Assurant simply does not offer some of the services that the companies that do work directly with individuals can provide, such as an easily accessible claims center and specific plan details.

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Global Warranty Group

Global Warranty Group caters to retailers and dealers. The company offers the full package of training, marketing and managing manufacturer warranty programs and extended warranties on original equipment. This service provides extensive help when you're dealing with facets outside of an original warranty. Global Warranty Group even supplies electronic warranty coverage if a customer has a product stolen or if there is accidental damage.

This company adopts the philosophy that customers place a high value on extended warranty services that might be available for the electronics and other products they purchase. That's probably one reason that GWG provides constant training on its products and recent changes. GWG offers inclusive extended warranty services that include program analysis, service program design and claims adjudication.

The company's extended warranty services network includes about 52,000 recognized and authorized service companies in North America, which they scrutinize and grade based on their speed, reliability and accuracy. Global Warranty Group expects these partners to service calls within 48 hours of a customer's call and perform random customer satisfaction audits to ensure that the service outlets are managing customers in a polite and professional way.

Extended service plans and product warranties GWG provides include consumer appliances as well as consumer electronics like cell phones, computers and home office equipment. Also, they cover lawn and garden equipment, power tools and commercial food equipment. Some of the extended warranty service and protection plans GWG offers include complete information technology integration for products like wireless phones and coverage for a number of makes, types and models of computers.

GWG's toll-free call center is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service employees work under monitored supervision and are trained in the warranty services provided by the company. Some of the other customer service and technical support features they provide is a bilingual staff, the capability to adjudicate and pay claims, and the ability to track shipments. The problem with the support is the lack of channels for obtaining help. You can only reach a representative by phone or by submitting a questionnaire. The lack of FAQs doesn't help resolve any industry-specific questions.

To paraphrase Paul Harvey, to be average means that you are the best of the lousiest and the lousiest of the best. That pretty much sums up the extended warranty services offered through Global Warranty Group. The company does what you would expect an extended warranty services provider to handle; however, they do not do anything that sets them apart from the other providers we reviewed.

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Warrantech Consumer Product Services, or Warrantech for short, has been a leading independent extended warranty provider for more than two decades. The company focuses on warranties directed toward industries, automotive parts and consumer electronics. They are specialists in underwriting service contracts and extended warranties, while dealing specifically with retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

By focusing solely on dealing with warranty companies, they are leaving out the day-to-day consumers who are looking to get an extended warranty price on a new TV. Unless you are in the business of bulk orders and resale, it's best to look at a few other options for extended service plans.

That's not to say that Warrantech doesn't offer service contracts or warranties for TVs. In fact, they offer warranties on most electronics you have on your home, whether it's an eReader or a 3D TV. The company issues the warranties it offers to retailer, which in turn offer the extended service plans to consumers.

Warrantech states on its website that it tries to keep its product service offerings on top of the ever-expanding markets. They are also familiar with how the market for consumer electronics is continually in a state of flux and evolution because technological advancement can hardly keep up with customers' demands. Some of Warrantech's electronics warranty services include coverage for consumer electronics, major appliances and security systems.

One of the knocks against Warrantech is the lack of help, customer service and technical support options. When we compared its offerings to the other companies in our rankings, Warrantech simply fell short in several categories. The company does, however, provide some technological services that are impressive, including an internet-based reporting and processing system that has the ability to lower customers' costs in administration services by reducing the chances of errors and increasing the processing speed of claims and other services.

Warrantech's service network has expanded over the years to become an international organization, with clients in such regions as the Caribbean, Central America and South America. The company's website copy states that they are a pioneer in several areas within the extended warranty services industry, including some of the products they have supplied to countries outside the United States. For example, Warrantech says that it was the first company in the third-party warranty service industry to introduce extended warranty services to the Japanese market.

Warrantech does many extended warranty services well, and they obviously pride themselves on being an international company, bringing extended warranty service technology, such as call center operations, to developing countries around the globe. They consider their work in this area paramount to their success and growth as a company, and indicate that they were the leaders of the pack when it came to introducing and developing viable venture opportunities in the warranty service industry to nations in which these products were not standard operating procedure. Warrantech, however, could use some improvements and additions to its customer service offerings. The company's website does not make it easy for customers to find out how to get in touch with them if they need immediate direct service or troubleshooting assistance.

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PTC iWarranty

PTC iWarranty is an extended warranty services provider that deals specifically with corporate accounts. The company covers massive-sized warranties for electronics and software. PTC allows you to manage the status of each of your companies' insured products. The management is done by providing you with the analytics that consist of reports and a breakdown of any underlying issues dealing with quality and service.

This division of the PTC was recently known as 4CS iWarranty, until late last year when PTC acquired it. It is still the iWarranty service that people are used to, but it gets lost in terms of what PTC does overall. Regarding the ease of site navigation, new users will likely become lost and may have issues understanding the similarities from the specific 4CS company to PTC's iWarranty extended service plans.

One of PTC iWarranty's unique features that truly set it apart from many of the other extended warranty services is its automatic and hands-free claims processing. This feature allows clients to processes a number of claims without having to contact a live person, making it exceptionally convenient and fast for those who are technology oriented.

The warranty services also include a framework hub that allows you to share data that is integral to many of the applications. This gives customers a single access point for performing myriad tasks, such as building new coverage plans, quotes or bulk enrollment. iWarranty's extended warranty services start via a direct internet connection between customers and businesses, providing customers with access to the details of their electronics warranty policies and agreements, and giving them the ability to communicate directly with the businesses.

PTC breaks its product warranties down into several different parts that it calls modules. Within these modules, customers have access to a number of valuable extended warranty services. These modules include a Warranty Center, eClaims Internet-based claims entry, Supplier Warranty service for streamlining the claims process and Warranty Analysis.

PTC iWarranty supplies customer service and support not only for extended warranties, but also for standard, used and parts warranties. The company utilizes what it terms a Universal Claim Form (UCF) to make it easy for customers to file various types of claims. The customer service offerings include worldwide 24/7 customer support and an online help and service site that provides customers with access to track their claims, create new tickets and receive updates via email. There may not be a reason to speak with anyone once you get used to the system, but there will be a severe learning curve in setting up the warranty dashboard.

PTC iWarranty is a good service to use if you specifically deal with larger-sized electronic or software orders and retailers. Once you get set up, your specific database will give you great charts and reports that are very informative. iWarranty, which PTC recently acquired, is now a small part of the company's larger organization. If you can get past the overwhelming and technical aspects of the company's site, you'll be pleased with the extended warranty service.

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